Yellow Octopus Get Some WTF?!


If you are looking for the World Twerking Federation, you’re in the wrong place.
Although, you better hope your figurative pockets are as big as Miley Cyrus’ (Chief Twerker), if you plan on adding any WTF products to your e-basket.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide Australians with the best, unusual gifts, gadgets and toys, we are launching a WTF?! department.

This is HUGE! But before you start counting your coins and applying for loans, we want to give you a taste of what you will find at Yellow Octopus’ WTF?!

You are guaranteed the coolest, completely unnecessary, yet totally awesome gifts, gadgets and toys.  We encourage you to add things to your ‘wish list’, because you never know when you will win the lottery… or rob a bank.

Exhibit A: 180 Degree Racing Simulator $69,000


Exhibit B: The Hot Tub Boat $60,000


Exhibit C: Water-Powered Jet Pack $100,000


Want to see more WTF?!



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