Will Lego Consider a Wall-E Lego Robot? We Say Yes!



The lead animator for the movie “Wall-E,” Angus MacLane, also built an incredible Lego version of Wall-E currently being considered by Lego as an official product.

Wall-E is one of the most loveable robots of all time, and soon kids and grown-up kids might be able to build an official Lego version of the trash-collecting robot.

Angus MacLane, the lead animator for Pixar’s “Wall-E” movie, started his Lego Wall-E build in 2005, around the same time the computer model was being created. MacLane finished his work in 2008, and thanks to the Lego Ideas program where anyone can submit new ideas for Lego kits to be considered by the company, he submitted his project for consideration in 2013.

On Tuesday, MacLane’s project crossed the 10,000-supporters mark, and now enters the official Lego review process where designers, project managers, and other team members will decide whether the project is worthy of the Lego company logo. The review process begins in September and, if successful, the project would enter production sometime in early 2015 for a release later next year.
Given MacLane’s ties to the film and Pixar, we’re hopeful he’ll complete this directive.

[via CNET]

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