Which Superhero Mum are you?

Superhero Mum

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… It’s Mum the magnificent! She’s here to swoop in and save us from the perils of unwashed socks and unironed frocks, of tantrums huge and to find all the things we lose.

We think you’re mighty super: In fact, we would go as far as to say you’re our Superhero. But just what kind of Superhero Mum are you?

Are you blessed with the ability to scoop up a house full of washing in a single swoop? Or are you a terrifying tornado of chaos and disorganisation?

Can you miraculously clean any surface of grime and goop without hassle or hype? Or do you prefer to delegate those tasks to your children while you sip wine and recline?

Do you have a weakness for sweet, melty treats? Do you shake at the sight of spidery legs? Or do you pride yourself on being faultlessly fearless and 100% temptation-proof?

Take the below quiz to find out what kind of Superhero Mum you are.

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