What to Take On Your Camping Trip


Sometimes we want to go out there and trek the world. We want to see and appreciate nature at its best. We want to feel the cool mountain air brushing against our skin or the beauty of the beaches on a cool early morning. Wherever we go, there’s something to look forward to.

Camping does’t  have to be a difficult activity to prepare. All you need are a few things to bring along and you’re on your way to a super fun time out with the family or friends.

VW Campervan Childrens Pop Up Play Tent ($129.95)

Are you bringing the kids along? They would need some space to rest in, and this is one of the best tents for them.


Nite IzeSpotLit LED Dog Collar Light ($14.95)

Bringing your dog with you? Keep track of him in the dark with this dog collar.


Collapse-A-BoxLunch Box ($9.95)

Have your food handy in this lunch box. Small and compact, it can fit easily in your back pack.



Super BrightLED Pocket Torch ($7.95)

You’d need some light in the darkness of the wilderness. This pocket torch is handy, so, there’s no need to leave without it.


S’well Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle 500ml – Classic $38.95

Hydration is part of long walks or being in the middle of nowhere. Don’t forget your daily dose of fluid. Keep this bottle handy and there will be no thirsty warm afternoons.


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