What To Give Mum On Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is coming! It’s that time of the year to thank our mums for all the gifts and care that she has given and shared with us. This is a good time to reflect on what your mum likes and what she down-right hates.

Taking these into consideration would help ideas pop up in your head like popcorn (did someone say movie night?).  And yes, in your own little way, you can let her know how much you love her, even with the simplest gift. No matter what you are doing, whether you are on a quest to save the world, or going deep diving in the vast oceans of the earth, this is one way of letting her know that you remember her all the time.

Still finding it difficult? Take a deep breath, relax and visualise your mum in your head. Ask yourself: “What would be useful for her?”

Now you’re on your way to picking out the perfect gift for her…but just in case, here are a few tips.

How about giving her this Luminara Scented flame ($32.95)? Yes, this candle will help her relax with the lovely scents it creates as you light it up. Don’t worry about candle wax mess, because it doesn’t cause any of that. It’s mess free and simply perfect for late nights with dad.


Mums love to cook and put spices into whatever they cook. This Soho Magnetic Spice rack ($68.95) will help her organize her spices from pepper to paprika. The five containers have glass tops which will give her a hand when she is looking for the perfect flavour for your dinner.


So your mum is a green-thumb? Caring for the foliage of the home is essential to her daily life. The Essential 7 Set Gardening Tool Kit ($23.95) is a gift idea which will help her nourish this hobby. There is also something in it for you! Giving her this gift would be an advantage for you because you’d get to enjoy the flourishing garden she has designed.


If your mum is at the age when she keeps forgetting where things are, this is a personal pick which will definitely be useful for her.  The Pumped Up Stiletto Mobile Phone Stand($9.95) can be placed on top of her desk or the table and keep her mobile phone insight at any time, especially if she hates carrying it around all day.  Colourful and stylish like her, a sweet and useful gift which will likely make her smile.


If your mom hates mobile phones and would rather keep in touch with you in the traditional way, through landlines or the old telephone, give her a phone upgrade.  The SwissvoiceCh01 Corded phone ($43.95) is a really stylish invention patterned after the conventional telephones. It also comes in different colours for you to choose from.


You might say that these gifts are simple novelties, but hey, they sure would give her a bit of a laugh.

Check out www.yellowoctopus.com.au for more gift ideas for her this coming Mother’s day and happy shopping.



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