What To Get Your Girlfriend’s Mother For Her Birthday


Now, this is really a challenge. Getting a gift for your girlfriend’s mum is not something so easy, especially if you do not know much about her yet. You can always ask your girlfriend about what she likes most and hates most, so you could rule out choices which are on her ‘dislike’ list.


Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker Set $39.95


These seasoning shakers can be used for any spices for her favorite dishes. Either fill them with salt, pepper, powdered garlic or crushed red peppers, it’s up to her. Make her spice up each meal with any of these.

Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutters andStamp by Fred $10.95


If she likes baking, these cookie cutters are best. They are easy to use and funny at the same time.

Kymera Magic Wand TV Remote Control $89.95


This telly, stereo or any infra red device remote control is programmable, very handy and easy to use just like a real magic wand. Perfect for late night movies or her favorite tv programs.

Wooden Sphere Bottle Opener $29.90


This ergonomically designed bottle opener is easy to use and can perfectly protect her hands as she opens a bottle. It’s perfect for afternoon or evening drinks.

A to Z Bookends Set Black $18.95


Okay, so she collects books. Let her organize her collection with this book ends. Set them from A to Z or in whatever order she wants.

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