What To Get My Control Freak Mother


Getting a gift for your control freak mother is not an easy task. However, it can be interesting and exciting. It is important to think about what her interests are then consider her likes and dislikes. This is very necessary in finding out what best gift to give her.

Here are a few suggestions which you might want to choose from. These picks might interest her.

Galaxy Star Projector Night Light & Sound Machine ($29.95)


If your mother likes music and relaxation at night after an exhausting day, this would make a perfect gift for her special day. Let her have a pleasurable evening with lights and relaxing sounds. Let her senses unwind to the soothing earthly sounds or music and play of lights in the darkness of the night. Perfect for relaxation and a good lamp that could lull her to sleep.


Tetris Recesky Build Your Own Lamp ($58.95)

The colorful and geometric shapes of this Tetris Recesky lamp are perfect for a small room. Like the computer game, the pieces can be stacked together in any combination. It’s perfect for mums who love the Tetris game.

Stress Paul Stress Reliever ( $19.90)

Does she get stressed out sometimes? She can take it anywhere and then just squeeze whenever she gets that feeling.


Lulu Housewife Apron Cupcakes ($39.95) 


If mum likes cooking, this is a good gift idea for her. Let her cook her favorite dishes and meals without staining her clothes by using this perfectly designed and colorful apron.

Cucumbo Cucumber Spiral Slicer Green ($19.95)


Another perfect gift for mums who love to cook and prepare salads is the Cucumbo Cucumber Spiral Slicer Green. It is easy to use and gives cucumbers a nice look after being sliced.


Make your mother happy on Mother’s day with any of these gifts. For more gift ideas for her or anyone from your family, you can always go to www.yellowoctupus.com.au for lists of gifts which you can choose from. A wide range of gift ideas are there for the entire family. Have tons of fun shopping.


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