What To Get My Boyfriend For His Graduation


Finally, your boyfriend is graduating from the university. In relation to this, you intend to give him a simple gift which he could use. You don’t have a big budget, which is why you want to keep it cheap but still useful and exciting.

If you’re clueless, we have some ideas for you.

KeyTars Guitar Key Caps – Pack of 6 $7.95


Help him distinguish his keys from one another with these stylish key caps.

Tool Tank Multi-tool Keychain $13.95


This key chain has 3 screw-heads which he could use in case he needs to.

Fetch My Keys Dog Whistle Key Finder$12.95


This key finder will beep once he whistles, and it’ll let him know where the keys are.

 Spin The Shot Drinking Game $14.95


This shot drinking game is based from the Spin the Bottle game. However, this time, every time you spin it, you’re spinning for a shot of drink.

Doctor Who Tardis Mega Mug 900ml $19.95


A mega mug indeed! It can hold up to 900ml of any liquid of his choice. It may be coffee, tea, or cocoa, it’s up to him.

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