What To Get A Friend Who Likes To Garden


Does your best friend love to beautify the foliage and create beautiful landscapes? Is captivating you with the flowers she’s grown a part of her routine? Or does she simply enjoy planting herbs, or perhaps, vegetables at the backyard as a hobby?

Why not reinforce her fine talent by sharing some of these pieces which she’ll surely find useful and fascinating as she engages and nourishes her artistic skills in gardening.

The Essential 7 Set Gardening Tool Kit ($23.95)


A must have for amateur or professional gardeners. It’s a complete set of all basic gardening tools. The set is super handy with its plastic case.


Garden String in a Tin ($18.95)


Tie those unruly plants with this easy to use string. No need for scissors to cut it, just snap on the blade on the lid, and it’ll break easily.


Eggling Crack & Grow Kit ($21.95)

If you are strapped for space, don’t fret. The perfect solution for small living is this adorable Eggling Crack and Grow Kit. Watch it grow from your balcony!


Greenbo Eco Balcony Hanging Planter – XL ($64.50)


Are you living in the city and there are no gardens in sight? This planter is Ideal for city homes. Planting herbs and flowers on your quaint flat is now possible.

Let your gardener friends know that you appreciate their hard work. Give them any of these gifts to make them enjoy gardening more.



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