What To Get A Friend For Autumn


It’s the time of the year when rain falls quite often. You love seeing it whenever you are indoors, but hates it when you go outside to do something.  Your friend probably feels the same way. So, if you are looking for a perfect autumn gift for your friend, think about what you want to get and that just may be a good idea.

Rainbow Umbrella $39.95


It’s pretty rainy in autumn, so get your friend a good sturdy umbrella to protect himself from the rainy days. This choice is even made more fun because it’s colourful and lovely.

Octeapus Octopus Tea Strainer &Infuser – by Fred $12.95


Have a dose of your favorite tea using this tea strainer and infuser. It’ll keep tea fresh and perfect all the time.

Mr. P Raining Hearts Mug $16.95


When it is raining outside and you’re stuck indoors, what a better way to spend it than have your favorite coffee mix or tea. Mr. P Raining mug makes a good pair for the rainy day outside your door.

Pac-Man Ghost Poncho $9.95


Are you going outside on a cool rainy afternoon? Don’t let the rain fall hard on you! Have this ghost poncho to protect you from the drizzle.

Puzzle Cube 2 x 2 – Inspired by the Rubics Cube! $14.95


Stuck indoors because of the heavy rain? Why not play with this puzzle cube as you watch the rain fall outside your window. It’s a good way to pass time and exercise the brain.

There are more autumn gifts for your friend on www.yellowoctopus.com.au


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