Wedding Gifts

Someone you know is getting married (Ring the bells!) and you need a memorable gift for the occasion. You want to keep it within the budget and you want it stylish or funny at the same time. Thinking about the choices is quite a task but it shouldn’t be. Your friends would need so many things as they start their lives as husband and wife; which means, they would need things for the home and other things that may be useful for their married life.

We have made a list of possible gifts for your friend’s wedding and we hope that this could be useful.

The Chiller 3D Ice Cube Mould by Fred $14.95


This ice cube moulder creates skull shaped ice which will keep drinks really chilled.

Owl Egg Shaper Funny Side Up | byFred $14.95


Making fried eggs should not have to be a daunting task. This egg shaper is so easy to use and it’ll make eggs look like owls once they are cooked.

Nest™Measuring Preparation Set 7 Plus Joseph Joseph $59.95


This measuring set would help in baking and cooking. It contains bowls and measuring cups which are a ‘must have’ for every kitchen.

Cappuccino Tree Bamboo Set $59.95


This cappuccino set is good for making coffee or tea on a cool early morning or to keep warm in the early evenings.

1930s Retro Style Desk Telephone(Series 302) $139.95


This phone is perfect for retro loving couples who have a fascination for 1930s items. Let them have a taste of that era with this retro styled telephone.

There are more wedding gifts at www.yellowoctopus.com.au


Olli the Octopus

Olli the Octopus

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