19 Witty Weather Jokes

We’re obsessed with the weather. As an influencer, Selena Gomez has nothing on the weather. Let’s be honest, it dictates our day. We check updates, make plans and dress according to the forecast. Something so influential can have a huge effect on our happiness. That’s why we predict these witty weather jokes will brighten up your outlook… just like these awesome weather gift ideas.  

19 Witty Weather Jokes 

Is that rain on your cheeks? No—they’re tears of laughter. These 19 witty weather jokes are little rays of sunshine. They’re guaranteed to brighten up your day.

> Being a meteorologist is a high-pressure job.

> There’s a technical term for a warm, sunny day that follows two wet cold days. It’s called Monday.

> It’s not surprising the weather is a common topic of conversation. After all, it is an ice-breaker.

> Jokes about the weather can be funny. To a certain degree.

> Why do weather forecasters love a cuppa? Because they enjoy a storm in a tea-cup.

> Why did the woman wear only one glove? Because the forecast said on one hand it may be fine and on the other it may rain.

> What does daylight saving mean in Tasmania? An extra hour of rain.

> I never listen to the weather forecasts in Summer. They talk a lot of hot air.

> Be careful if it’s raining cats and dogs. Good chance you’ll step in a poodle.

> Did you hear about the weather presenter who broke both her arms and legs.She was into fourcasts.

> A postcard home: The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.

> Why could the drought stricken farmer still laugh? He had a dry sense of humour.

> What did the weather presenter get after her speech? Thunderous applause.

> What does a postie and a weather presenter have in common.They always do their job; rain, hail, or shine.

> Why is it so wet in England? Because they ask the Queen to reign over them.

> How do weathermen like their eggs? Sunny-side up.

> What do you call four consecutive warm days in Hobart? Summer.

> What did one cloud say to the other? I mist you.

> Writing weather jokes is a breeze.

Weather Jokes

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