25 Delicious Vodka Facts

We’ve collated 25 important vodka facts so discerning readers like you can be even more well informed, worldly and wise about their favourite tipple. And, as we’re becoming more educated,  our thirst and our thirst for knowledge should go hand in hand. So here’s the ‘heads up’ on Vodka before you toast. Bottoms up!

Vodka Facts That Fulfil Your Thirst For Knowledge 

  1. Fact: 3 shots of vodka are equal in calories to a hamburger.
  2. Fact: The word vodka means water in Russia. No wonder it goes down so easily.
  3. Fact: And did you know they once ran out of Vodka in Russia. Ahhhh! Yep, when the Germans finally surrendered in 1945 they partied so hard they drank the country dry in a day.
  4. Fact: Channing Tatum has jumped on the celebrity alcohol bandwagon. He partnered with a distillery to create Born and Bred Vodka.
  5. Fact: The most expensive bottle of Vodka sells at a smooth 3.75 million. Perhaps not the bottle to do shots with.
  6. Fact: There are Vodkas produced with some strange flavours including bacon, dill pickle, wild salmon, fresh cut grass and scorpion ( with an actual scorpion in the bottle).
  7. Fact: You can buy vodka that is gluten free. Now that’s considerate.
  8. Fact: Did you know Vodka contains nothing but ethanol and water?
  9. Fact: And is mainly produced from wheat, rye and corn, not potatoes.
  10. Fact: Vodka can also be made from sugar cane, beet roots, grapes and vegetables. In fact, from anything that ferments. And they’re all good for you right!
  11. Fact: Though vodka is produced from high carb foods such as grains, the carbohydrates are removed during the distilling process.
  12. Fact: Vodka has zero sugar, carbs, cholesterol, fat, fibre, sodium. How good is that if you’re dieting?
  13. Fact: Vodka has less carbohydrates than champagne, beer, wine and cocktails.
  14. Fact: Vodka has no nutritional value, but lots of recreational value.
  15. Fact: Vodka contains no vitamins and minerals. But who drinks alcohol for the vitamins and minerals?
  16. Fact: The way to determine the percentage of alcohol is to divide the “proof” in half. 80% proof  means it contains 40% alcohol.
  17. Fact: The higher the proof, the higher the calorie count. So if you’re counting calories, check the label. Probably do this before you start drinking.
  18. Fact: One shot of 80% proof contains nearly 100 calories.
  19. Fact: Alcohol contains nearly twice the calories of carbohydrates and protein.That’s one of the reasons you should drink in moderation.
  20. Fact: Infused vodkas don’t contain extra calories.That’s not to be confused with vodkas that have added syrups.These are heavy in sugar.
  21. Fact: You can keep the calorie count low by mixing vodka with low calorie options like soda water or a squeeze of lemon or lime.
  22. Fact: Russian vodkas, made from corn, rye or wheat are considered the heartiest.
  23. Fact: Scandanavian Vodkas tend to be lighter and suited to cocktails. Dutch vodka is sweeter and more refined.
  24. Fact: Vodka is thought to go back as far as the 10th century. And was, at this time, used medicinally. Most people who enjoy Vodka say it still is.
  25. Fact: Vodka has also been used as a cleaning agent. In fact, come to think of it, the more I tipple, the cleaner everything looks.

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