33 Unique Proposal Ideas


A great proposal is etched in your memory forever, it becomes a favourite couples story, and it start your marriage off on the right foot. Lots of people get marrieid, but they don’t all get a unique proposal. So take advantage of these unique proposal ideas and surprise your partner with an unforgettable proposal.

1. A Film For Your Future: Cut together a short film of your relationship and organise to have it play at a local cinema. It’s more than a great way to propose, it’s sure to become their favourite film.

2. Continue A Tradition: If her Mum or Grandma was proposed to in a special location, it would be romantic to propose in the same spot. Proposing on the same day makes it even better.

3. Starstruck Lovers: Spend a night with a picnic under the stars. When the perfect moments arises, pop the question.

4. Write Your Future In The Sand: Take a romantic walk on the beach up to your romantic proposal.

5. Celebrate The Ups & Downs Of Your Relationship: Take a rollercoaster ride with your soon to be fiance, and when you slowly go over the highest peak, propose. But save showing the ring until you’re both safe and secure back on the ground.

6. The Circle Of Life: Take a Ferris Wheel and as your partner looks the other way to take in the view, get down on one knee.

7. New Year, New Fiance: Don’t just greet the new year with a new years kiss. Greet the new year with the ultimate countdown 3… 2… 1… Will you marry me?

8. Written In The Sky: Have a plane either skywrite your proposal or fly with a banner.

9. Hire A Choir: Whether it’s a choir, a band, or a mariachi band, a romantic performance is a great pre-proposal moment.

10. A Picture Paints Three Words: Organise a street caricaturist to sketch a picture of you two with a speech bubble coming from your mouth saying, “Will you marry me?”

11. Your Forever Valentine: On Valentine’s Day your partner will be expecting something romantic… Outdo their expectations with a proposal.

12. Light The Fuse: Have your friends set-off some fireworks and then propose beneath them. You’ll be starting off your marriage with a bang.

13. Make Sunset The Dawn Of Your Marriage: Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day. Find a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunset and take along a bottle of bubbly and your engagement ring.

14. A Secret In The Snow: Write a proposal in the snow and either walk up to it, ride over it in the chairlift, or view it from the lodge.

15. Take Your Relationship To New Heights: Take a hot-air balloon ride together and you’ll be making a proposal that will blow them away.

16. Let Flowers Say It For You: Spell out your marriage proposal with your partner’s favourite flowers.

17. Fall Out Of The Sky: If you’re both skydivers, proposing on the way down will be a truly unique proposal. A tandem jump is a must.

18. Bring Your Best Friend: Bring your beloved pooch along for the proposal. They don’t have to understand to be happy for you.

19. Make Them Work For It: Create a scavenger hunt and let them hunt down the clues. You know what the last discovery will be.

20. Wordplay: If you’re a Scrabble obsessed couple, spell out your proposal on a Scrabble board.

21. The Peak Of Your Relationship: Hike up a mountain together and propose when you reach the top.

22. Photos Are Worth A Thousand Memories: Spell out ‘Will You Marry Me’ using photos of your favourite moments from your relationship.

23. Go Back To Where It Started: Go back to where you had your first date and take your relationship full circle.

24. Toast To Your Future: It’s a classic for a reason. Have a waiter drop your engagement ring in a glass of bubbly so you can surprise your partner with it.

25. The Answer To The Million Dollar Question: Play a trivia game together. You’ll make one of your questions, “Your question is: Will you marry me?”

26. A Christmas Surprise: Hide the ring on the tree. Once you’ve opened all the other presents, say you’ve got one more and go and get the ring. It’ll be the best Christmas present ever.

27. Love Lyrics: If you’re a musician, write her a song with your proposal in the lyrics.

28. Under The Sea: Organise an aquarium to put your waterproof ‘Will you marry me?’ sign in their best fish tank.

29. Best News Ever: Take out a full-page ad in a newspaper and let your partner read the paper until they get to your ad, and get down on one knee.

30. The Pre Honeymoon: Go on a getaway together, and at the opportune moment, propose.

31. The Finest Dining: Show off your chef skills with a beautiful dinner at home. You know how to end the dinner.

32. Plant A Picnic: Have a friend place a picnic for you in a romantic location like the beach or flower filled garden and enjoy the impromptu picnic. Then finish the lunch with an even better surprise.

33. Below The Surface: If you’re both scuba-divers, you can place a surprise on the seafloor. A ‘Will you marry me’ sign will be a great surprise, although you’ll have to wait until you resurface until you give your new fiance a kiss.

Now you have heaps of special proposal ideas. Can you make your proposal even better? It’s hard to top the special moment – but here are a few ideas that can make the day even more special. Firstly, if you’re going to create a special moment, why not capture it forever? Having a friend or photographer nearby to capture the special moment will mean you’ll have that moment in photos forever. Secondly, once you’ve proposed, you can go and celebrate with your waiting friends and family. They’ll be searching for wedding gifts soon! However, the most important thing to remember is it’s your special day, so do it your way.