The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dads

Here’re a few cheeky and cheery gifts for dads. Some are sincere while others will have him bent over laughing. There are gifts for tech-savvy dads, brand new dads, travelling dads and presents to help him reminisce about the golden olden days. 

Every dad is catered for amongst our range, we have:

Every dad has unique characteristics that make him special, but, they all share one thing in common—they deserve a great gift from you. So crack open the piggy-bank and buy them something awesome! Here are 49 hand-picked presents: 

USB Retro Fridge Drinks Cooler 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsBirthday gifts for dad should hit the spot. And nothing hits the spot more than a frosty drink on a hot day. He may be slaving away in his office but relief is within hands reach. Plugged into his computer, tablet or phone is the USB retro fridge with two cold cans. With every swig, he’ll think how thoughtful you are.

Star Trek Original Phaser Universal TV Remote Control 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsSo, Dad’s a Trekkie. Loves his sci-fi. This futuristic dad gift idea will transform the TV room into the command deck of the Enterprise. And besides 36 programmable actions, with its own personal lock, he, like his hero Captain Kirk, will have total control. 

Golf Drinking Game

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsPresents for dad that can be shared with his mates always go down well. And so do the drinks with this wicked game. Just make sure they don’t get too carried away or they’ll end up in the rough tomorrow.

Wit & Wisdom Of Tyrion Lannister By George R.R Martin

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsEveryone needs someone to look up too. Even dads. So why not the master of survival, intrigue and politics? Lessons and laughs for dad straight from the little Lannister lion. 

Game Over Coffee Mug

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsIf the old man’s a gamer, then this gift for dad’s birthday will deliver the message. Hands on in design, that last thirst quenching swig comes with a cryptic message- “hey kid, get me another coffee.”

‘How it works’ The Grandparent | A Ladybird Book

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsHere’s how it works. Give this book to your dad to let him know, now he’s a Pop, there’s a whole new set of roles and responsibilities awaiting him. Still, he’ll have the last laugh when he says, “but I can always hand them back.”

Man Bowl: The Dog Bowl For Men

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsYour dad has a man-sized appetite. And he wolfs down his food like there’s no tomorrow. This dad’s gift idea lets you have a little dig before he has a huge dig. But beware, he’ll love it, so get in quick before all the brekkie cereal disappears.

100 Things To Do Before You Die Poster 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsDads do things for their family. That’s their job. But the time comes when they need to do something for themselves. So gifts for dad should focus on that. And what’s more focused than a bucket list to hang in his man cave.

Build Your Own Architecture 144pcs Set

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsGifts for Dad’s birthday can be the start of something big. He’s good with his hands. Tick. He can visualise. Tick. He needs a hobby. Tick. This gift ticks all the boxes.

DIY Speaker Kit: Build Your Own Amplifier

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsYou’ve been scratching your head thinking about gifts for your dad’s birthday. Then you see this. He’s handy. He loves music. Boy, will he be proud when “The Boss” playing “I’m on Fire” is booming through his homemade amplifier. 

Dream Big, Like, Really Big Mug 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsGifts for dad Australia wide can say the same thing. Dream big Dad. Have a go. Take the plunge. No matter what, we believe in you. Now finish your coffee and get out there.

The Gym Glass

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsYour dad will be the envy of his mates at the gym with his nifty gym glass. Taking his gym protein shake or Powerade in a dumbbell shaped glass will show them he’s no…. well, dumbbell.

Arse/Face Soap

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsHere’s your chance to help Dad out with one of the big dilemmas in life. No need for him to remember which side is for which, it’s spelt out as clearly as the nose on his face. Guaranteed to have him crack a smile.

Daily Mood Desktop Flipchart

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsIs the old man a bit hard to read sometimes. Something of a closed shop. Help release the inner man. With 47 moods to choose from you’ll never be in the dark again. Let’s hope his first selection is very amused.

Desktop Stirling Engine 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsIs Dad a science buff? Loves tinkering. Present ideas for dad haven’t yet inspired you to dip into your pocket, then look no further. Instantly the engine is placed on a heat source above 20 degrees C, say a coffee, up it fires. Perfect for his desk when he’s searching for those eureka moments.

Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsGifts for Dad’s birthday should have him singing with joy. Well, this speaker will do the trick. It’ll mean he can warble at full tilt while taking a shower. And where better for him to belt out his classics? 

Handy Telescopic Back Scratcher

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsThere’s nothing worse than an itch that can’t be reached. Well, problem solved. Birthday gifts for dad don’t come more useful than this. With this back scratcher, relief is but a moment away. Ahhh! Bliss!

Waterproof iPad Case

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsPractical presents for Dad are always especially appreciated. Summer in Oz means being by the water. And that means he needs protection. Hat, sunnies, sunscreen and waterproof case for his Ipad. The card’s signed, his Ipad’s sealed and your gifts delivered.

How To Traumatize Your Children Book

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsGot a mate who’s just had a kid. Sure, everyone else is getting them mobiles, soft toys, jumpsuits. But not you. Your wicked sense of humour has triumphed again. As a present idea for a Dad who’s just become a Dad, it’s like the kid, a keeper.

Doctor Who 10th Doctor’s Classic Sonic Screwdriver

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsDads and granddads have grown up with Doctor Who. How do I know? Because it first started in 1963. So if he’s a fan, he deserves a momento. 

Melting Clock

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsPerfect for Dad’s man cave. The visual ‘melting’ effect will provide that quirky uniqueness required to claim a spot on the wall. And while he likes to escape to his cave he does need to know when to reemerge.

Smuttiness Fines Money Tin

The Ultimate Gift Guide for DadsHas Dad got a potty mouth? Is he a morning grump? Liable to let one rip at the most inopportune moment? Addicted to Facebook? Or prone to exaggerate? Yes. Well it’s time to hit him where it hurts – in the hip pocket. 

Present ideas for Dad need to cover a lot of occasions. His birthday. Dad’s special day. Christmas. A celebration like a promotion or retirement. That trip of a lifetime. Perhaps he’s just become a dad. Or just because he’s a great guy. 

Hopefully, our Dad gift ideas left you spoilt for choice. But that’s a good thing. It means you’ve been able to select an awesome gift for an awesome Dad.