12 Quirky Travel Journal Ideas


travel journal ideas

Travelling brings new experiences and life lessons. But if you don’t write them down, those memories can be lost. A travel journal is the best way to capture those moments.

What exactly are travel journals? While travel journals become what you make them, they are normally thought of as a place where you can record all the intimate and unforgettable moments, the spontaneous adventures, and the agony and ecstasy of your trip.

Why bother with a travel journal? Besides it being another creative dynamic of your adventure, your journal will help you reflect on your time, learn more, and strengthen your memories.

Simply recording when and where you went is a good start to your travel journal. But it’s not how you make it come alive. Here are a few travel journal ideas that will make your journal as awesome as your trip…

1. Stick in your tickets and maps.

Don’t throw them away or stick them in your bottom drawer when you get home! Your tickets and maps make awesome additions to your journal. In fact, the dates and locations help keep it organised and tell your story.

2. Write about the people you meet.


The brilliance of travelling isn’t only the places you see, it’s the people you meet. You meet interesting locals and eccentric travellers from all over the globe. Record your interactions so you can always remember them. And make sure you put their contact information so you can get in touch as you reminisce.

3. Draw Your Memories.

It’s so easy to take a million photos as you travel that they begin to lose their meaning. But if you make the effort to sketch something, you’ll remember it. The best moment to sketch is when you’re in front of something special. Sketching the Eiffel Tower as you sit in front of it will be unforgettable.

4. Grow your journal with flowers and leaves.

If you find a favourite new flower or tree as you travel, you can stick it into your journal so you remember it forever. Make it even better by recording its name and species. As a bonus, it’ll make your journal smell lovely.

5. Weird and wacky food packaging.

You often find food packaging is completely different overseas. It can be hilarious. Stick your favourites in your journal as a quirky keepsake.

6. Print out your favourite social posts.

If you have an Instagram or Facebook post that you absolutely love, you can take it from online to offline. Print it out and stick it in your journal.

7. Bank Your Money.

As you travel, you use all kinds of different currency from dollars to dongs. Collect your favourite notes and coins and stick them into your journal.

8. Add an address book.

You don’t want to forget all the awesome friends you made when travelling, keep a list of all their contact details in your journal.

9. Stamp collecting.

You use lots of cool stamps when sending postcards as you travel. Add a few into your diary.

10. Send yourself some postcards.

You send lots of postcards when travelling, but you should keep some for yourself. Postcards always have the best pictures of a local place, so they make awesome additions to your travel journal.

11. Use an instant camera.

An instant camera lets you print photos immediately so you can add them to your journal straight away.

12. Write down your favourite restaurants, sights and hotels.

If you think you might return to a spot, right down all your favourite places so you can visit them again when you return.

Get Your Journal!

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