Top Kris Kringle Gift Ideas



It can be hard to buy for a gift for someone you barely know. That can be the challenge with your office Kris Kringle. But we’ve made it easy by coming up with some of the common characters you might find around the traps at your work and some ideal gifts for them.

The Office Boozehound

This is the person who cuts loose at Friday after work drinks, ends up in a park, shirtless, surrounded by ducks, and then comes in on Monday with no recollection of what happened.

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This wine bottle glass is just perfect.


The Cat Lover

Did you draw the person who comes to work covered in cat hair? The person who tells you about the health benefits of salmon for feline dental health?


Try this ‘Cat in Space’ Mug.


The Office Slacker

Every office has one. Sauntering in to work late, taking an extra few minutes at lunch, heading home 10 minutes early and avoids meetings like the plague.


These novelty socks are a perfect Kris Kringle Gifts.


The Office Go-Getter

Did you draw someone young who’s destined for great things? Someone with drive, ambition and a plan for the future? Help them on their way.


Try this motivational book by Phaidon Press.


The Emoji Emailer

This is the person who’s always sending emails as if they were text messages. They sign off with a smiley face, and aren’t adverse to pulling out a LOL or ROFL here and there.


These emoji chat coasters are ideal.


The Negative Ned

This person has a favoured response to just about any question: No! Doesn’t matter what you seem to ask, you’re met with a big, fat nah.


Save them the breath with this No! slammer button.


The Baby Face

This person can’t grow a beard to save themselves. There’s always some weird, whispy patches here and there, but never anything that could be considered an actual beard.


This could be just the gift.


The Exercise Nut

This is that person in the office who rides to work, ducks out at lunchtime for a quick gym session, and is always mixing up protein shakes in the lunchroom.


These bicycle spoke lights are ideal for fitness fanatics.


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