Top 15 Kris Kringle Gift Ideas Under $25


These are the best KrisKringle ideas—ready for stockings, Christmas parties, and for the family. If you want to quickly select an awesome, then keep reading. We have heaps of awesome ideas so you can surprise a friend, colleague or family member with an amazing present. 

1. My Travel Scratch Map

So you’ve drawn out James for your Kris Kringle. Around the water cooler he’s always regaling you with stories of intrepid adventure: volcanoes in Borneo, hiking in the Rockies, Patagonian ice cliffs. Get him the My Travel Scratch Map to record it down and appease your serious case of FOMO.

2. The Wine Glass Bottle

You’ve drawn the office fish. This person knows how to put down a glass of wine or 10. With this Kris Kringle gift you’ll be cutting out the middle man.

3. “Do You Think I’m A Freakin Morning Person” Mug

yellow-octopus-freakinmorningperson- kris-kringle

Did you drawn the office snoozer? That person who rocks in to the office with baggy eyes, dishevelled hair and looking like they’ve just extricated themselves from a murky swamp? Help them out with this mug.

4. Nite Ize Bicycle Spokelight LED Light



You’ve got the office cyclist. They’re always rocking up to work in their lycra, clip clopping around in cleats, telling you about how many kilometers they notched up on their FitBit. You need to get some rad lights for their bike so they can stay safe on the road.

5. ‘How To Traumatize Your Children’ Book

The Secret Santa for 2015 has been drawn and you’ve got someone with kids and a wicked sense of humour – this book is perfectly suited.

6. Sauce Dispenser Gun


Does your work colleague consume pies, sausage rolls, pasties and hot dogs at every opportunity, with plenty of tomato sauce of course? You might want to help them out with this novelty sauce dispenser gun.

7. Fast Food Insulated/Reusable Sandwich bags

Martin still comes to work with his Grade 5 lunchbox. There’s nothing wrong with that necessarily, though he might need a 21st century upgrade for his packed lunch.

8. Sharkey Tea Infuser

Have you drawn the company deal closer? This person could sell hay to a farmer. A serious shark in the business world. Doesn’t mind a cuppa in between deals either.

9. Doctor Who 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Torch


You may not know what this is, but if you’ve drawn the office geek in the Kris Kringle, they surely will.

10. Bacon Soap


Did you get the person who practices Prosciutto as a religion? A person that loves hamming it up. A person who can’t be cured of their bacon addiction? Who has some sort of vendetta against pigs? Let them bath in the aroma of bacon and leave the piggies alone.

11. Desktop Mini Pool Game


You’ve drawn the office procrastinator in the Secret Santa have you? Well, well, well do we have something perfect for the wandering mind. This little desktop game is hours of entertainment. Your work mate might get fired, but not your problem right?

12. Office Reminder Pegs


It doesn’t matter how many Google calendar invites you send this person, or how many post it notes you stick up all over their office, this person still forgets just about everything. Not any more, these pegs are what they need.

13. Genuine LP Album Record Coasters


Did you draw Mr. Rock n’ Roll? The guy who is always talking about the rare Bob Dylan Limited Run 7 inch that he found in a crate, under dust, in an old grandmas garage. These LP coasters could be right up his alley.

14. Bionic Hand

And your KK for 2015, the office slob. This person is seriously lazy, even typing is mission. Moving to pick something up, completely out of the question! This person needs a bionic hand fo sho.

15. Customisable Cookie Stamper


Did you get the office legend who is always bringing in baked goods for everyone? Make sure they’re on trend with these cool baking accessories, and of course encourage them to keep the good stuff coming!

Check out our huge range of Kris Kringle Gift Ideas for 2015!

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