Top 12 Gifts for Men this Christmas 2014


Is the situation that dire? Did you cave and turn to Google? Well, we’re not judging you, we actually applaud you for finding this Christmas list. You are now 12 steps away from finding the perfect gift for your man. The best bit? He will never know it wasn’t your idea!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of all things cool, we thought you should read some cliff notes on what NOT to get him this Christmas…

…A) Socks, and B) Jocks.

Now you can’t possibly stuff it up! Where were we?

TOP 12 GIFTS FOR MEN THIS CHRISTMAS (…in no particular order)

 1. Ice Ball Maker | $11.95


Oozing coolness, this Ice Ball Maker is the perfect accessory for any man who enjoys his spirits. Packaged in hard card with a black print, this is a classy solution for a colleague or friend this Christmas. The Ice Ball Maker is available in black, blue, orange, red, and pink.
2. Poo Pourri Royal Flush | From $14.95 

You’re probably wondering… ‘why?!’ Well, to be completely honest with you, poo stinks, and unless you’re a bit creepy and like the smell, you’re going to have to agree with us. This product delivers, and we’re not just saying that, this has been trialed and tested. Tested. Made from natural oils, a spritz of this musky and masculine smelling Royal Flush Poo Pourri will ensure all the stink is trapped in the bowl for good!
Does your friend, son, or colleague live from their suitcase? If their constantly on the go, globe-trotting for leisure or work, then you have definitely stumbled upon the best gift option for them this Christmas. Featuring a sleek black background, the idea of the map is to scratch off the countries visited, creating an array of popping colours.
4. Buff and Shine Shoe Polish Kit | $28.95 

The dapper man out there doesn’t take talk from the scuffs and dirt on his boots, it must be dealt with. Do you know a perfectly groomed man with not a strand of hair out of place? He’s going to absolutely adore this Buff and Shine Shoe Polish Kit from Gentlemen’s Hardware.

Whoa, take a step back, way back…like prehistoric back. This T-Rex Table Lamp is going to light up a lucky man’s life. Eclectic, fun and a little funky, that nerd in your life, who has a roaring desire for everything dinosaur, is going to ravish this gift.
 Let’s toast to finding the most hipster beer stein in the world! Mason jars are no longer used merely for green smoothies, somewhere along the hipster time-line, micro-brews and beers you-don’t-even-know-about-yet got hold of the trend. Serve up this gift to a friend, who likes things a bit different, this Christmas.
7. Laundry Punch Bag | $43.95

You’re mate will fist pump the air when he sees this awesome gift among the wrapping paper. A Gym Junkie’s room can get a little messy, especially when they’re constantly changing out of their sweaty clothes and then dumping them…anywhere. Get him excited about cleaning, the more he picks up his sweaty clothes, the more he can train.
If cooking isn’t your friend’s greatest skill, then he will soon discover how quickly his iPhone solves that problem. This Bluetooth Thermometer from iDevices will have everyone licking their lips at the dinner table, cooking roasts to perfection, every time.
No, you’re not seeing things, and yes, you are awake. This alarm clock has wheels so that when your sleepy-head-friend attempts to hit snooze in the morning, it will swiftly move away from his reach, running around his room in alarm. This is one clock that’s not to be messed with. 
This official HBO Game Of Thrones White Walker Bust will have your geeky man wondering what he would ever do without you. Make a Geek’s Christmas this year with a replica of this undead character from Game of Thrones.

11. Custom BBQ Branding Iron | $24.95
Don’t just watch your mate flip meat on Christmas Day, give him something to that will make the task that much more enjoyable. This BBQ Branding Iron allows him to make different personal messages for everyone at the dinner table.

12. Why You’re so Awesome Fill in the Blanks Book | $14.95
For a mate, brother, boyfriend, or husband who has everything, get him something money can’t buy, your heart-felt memories. Tell him how awesome he is with this creative, fun-filled booklet. It will make his year and he can keep it forever! We’re sure you will have fun remembering all those times…
So there you have it, the top 12 gifts for men this Christmas 2014. If you didn’t find what you were looking for (ouch!), then that’s fine with us, we’re sure you will find something cool, quirky and fun at

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