Top 10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day 1st September 2013
With Fathers Day fast approaching, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for Dad.  If your Dad already has enough cufflinks, ties and screwdrivers for a life time, save yourself from that last minute panic and have a look at some of these quirky, fun options.
1. The iShower
I’m sure we’ve all heard our Dad’s trying to sing in the shower at some stage so what about this great device to drown out those painful screeches! The iShower is a bluetooth shower speaker which allows you to choose music from your ipod or iphone and play it through this water proof speaker.  This water proof device can also be used while having fun in the sun, by the pool and at the beach.

2. iCade

Take Dad back to the ‘old skool’ with this cool arcade cabinet for the iPad. The iCade integrates your iPad into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons! He can get to play some of the great classics such a PacMan, Asteroids Battlezone and even 500+ more games.

3. Pogo Connect – Bluetooth Smart Pen
This bluetooth smart pen is the perfect accompaniment for any Dad with an ipad.  The pen allows you to write, draw and perform tasks with more accuracy.  The pen also has a handy finder tool so that when lost, your ipad will tell you how close the pen is in proximity to your ipad.

4. Caffeine Molecule Mug
This unique, quirky mug  suits any coffee addict perfectly and gets straight to the point!  It will also brighten up any Dad’s boring office space and get a few laughs.

5. Record Coasters
Although times are changing and technology is constantly improving, I know of only too many Dad’s out there who will always cherish their records. So why not buy Dad a reminder of the good old days by giving him these record coasters. They could be a classic, retro and vibrant addition to your home. Each coaster is uniquely printed with a different artist and colour scheme.
6. The Pocket Genius Book
We all know that Dad’s think they know everything, and know with this genius pocket book, he actually can.  (Or at least he will be pretty sure he does!)  This mini pocket book contains 563 interesting facts that your Dad can start conversations and have fun with.
7. Sphero
The Sphero is dangerously addictive.  The colour changing ball is controlled through your iphone’s Bluetooth and you decide the speed and direction it takes.  The ball can travel more than 3 feet in a second and is great for playing pranks and tricks on people!  Even better, the Sphero comes with a manual informing you of a couple of classic pranks you can play.
8. Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control
For all the Doctor Who fans out there, this is a programable universal remote compatible with ipod docks, televisions, dvd players and blue ray players.  It is in the shape of a unique sonic screwdriver.  If your Dad’s a Doctor Who fan, this remote is just what he needs!  While he won’t exactly be able to control the universe, he will be able to take control over all the electronics he wants.
9. Tjiller Beer Chiller
On a hot summers day, these Beer chillers are not comparable to any other.  These beer chillers have been manufactured in a way so that its polystyrene outer cover insulates a gel which can cool to extremely low temperatures.  By placing a cool beer in this holder, this allows the cold temperature from the gel to slowly release, and therefore cool your beer for longer!

10. BBQ Branding Iron
No Dad is quite able to reach his highest BBQ potential without a Branding Iron.  The iron can be customised to make your own names, phrases and jokes every time you barbecue.  This activity is sure to make meal times even more entertaining for the family.  This quirky tool adds a sense of fun and humour to your day and who knows, maybe the food will taste even better this way.

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