Top 10 Cool Mugs


We’ve picked out some of the coolest mugs we have at Yellow Octopus. The list includes some of the most hilarious captions ever printed on mugs.

Read on and pick the best one for you or your mates.

10. F*ck You Mug $9.95


You don’t have to say the words because this mug would spell everything out for you.

9. Animal Nose Mug $18.95


It’s a funny pig nose at the bottom of the mug. It shows up every time you drink from it. Now, isn’t that humorous?

8.  OMG! Oh My Geek Mug $14.95


What a cool choice for your geeky boyfriend!

7. LMAO Laughing My Arse Off Mug $9.95

Yes, it’s perfect for comedy movie time as you laugh out loud.

6. STFU – Shut The F##k Up Mug $9.95


You want them to just simply shut up. Let this mug tell them without you saying a word.

5. “Whatever” Giant Coffee Mug $14.95

Perfect for moments when you’re not in the mood to argue.

4. “No Coffee No Workee” Giant Coffee Mug $13.95


Yes, demand for coffee otherwise, the’ll be no work done!

3. “Don’t Be A Drag Just Be A Queen”Mug $14.95


Perfect for days when you feel so down. Uplift your spirits with the caption on this mug.

2.  Mixed Messages Mug $14.95


Colorful and very straightforward, there shouldn’t be any argument about how much coffee you want.

1. Nobody Knows I’m Gay Mug $9.95


Nobody has to know. The secret will be kept between you and the entire office.



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