The Travel Gadgets You Need

The sun has well and truly set on Australia, and for some of us, we just can’t get enough of it. Admittedly, the Vitamin D we’re getting has made us a bit crazy for exploration and travel.

If you’re feeling a bit of the same crazy, we encourage you to start planning your next trip, whether it is camping, a road trip, or even a full-fledged expedition through-out Asia or Europe.
We have all your travel needs covered, even those things you didn’t even know you needed!

The Ostrich Pillow: Nap Anywhere, Anytime | $99.00


Car, train or plane, you are going to eventually need some shut-eye. Do it right and sleep tight with this Ostrich Pillow.


S’well Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle 500ml | $47.95

It’s important to stay hydrated, regardless of the climate. The S’well Insulated Bottle is designed to keep your water ice cold for 24 hours, and for hot water, 12 hours. Now don’t tell us this isn’t magic!


Collapse-A-Box Lunch Box | $9.95

Travel often involves a lot of walking around…A LOT of walking around. Burning all that energy means, at some point, you’re going to get hungry. Keep a snack in a collapsible lunch-box, once your snack is all gone, your lunch-box can go back into your bag, taking up minimal space.


Super Bright LED Pocket Torch | $7.95

The LED pocket sized torch is a must. For the backpackers, your hostel mates will appreciate it when you don’t turn on the room light at 3am. For the campers…well this one is self-explanatory.


Card Safe RFID Blocking Card Case | $12.95

Bluetooth credit card theft is real and it is sleuth. Keep your money and identity safe with a RFID Blocking Card Case.


Work Less Enjoy Life Journal | $14.95

It’s easy enough to capture a moment with a photo or video, but there is nothing like documenting your own little story. Take a journal with you on your travels, your future-self will thank you for it.


My Scratch Map Travel Edition | $19.95

The World is your oyster. If you like to go with the flow, not knowing where you will end up, then you need a travel map. The Travel Scratch Map is small enough to pack away, and will stay protected by its hard case.


World Travel Post Card by Suck UK | $2.95

While you’re away having the time of your life, your parents are probably at home, worrying about your safety. Keep them at ease by sending them a post card, like the good old days.


Travel Manicure Set | $16.95

Never over-look grooming. How do you expect to meet fun exotic people while you’re away if your eyebrows are unkempt and bushy? A manicure set will come in handy for many interesting situations, but hopefully none that include your toes.


VW Camper Van Toiletry Bag | $37.95

A toiletry bag is a no-brainer. Hair products, perfumes or after-shaves do not mix with clothes. Keep all your grooming needs together in one easy-to-locate pack. With a style like this, there is no way you can lose it!


Doctor Who Dalek Clip-On Booklight | $14.95

You know what comes in handy? Book lights come handy. Get the next chapter in, no matter the time of day.

Now go forth and plan the best trip ever!



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