The Top 9 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men


You’ve left it this late?! Don’t worry, the team at Yellow Octopus always have your back. Check out our awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men. We promise the gifts are not soppy!

It’s not too late to find your man a funny and meaningful gift, just take a look at all the cool options below.


Hungry Apology T-Shirt, $19.95, from yellowoctopus.com.au


Buff and Shine Shoe Polish | Gentelmen’s Hardware, $28.95, from yellowoctopus.com.au


Superman Pop! Vinyl Figure, $16.99, from yellowoctopus.com.au


Ring Beer Bottle Opener, $5.95, from yellowoctopus.com.au


Gentlemen’s Hardware Manicure Set, $34.95, from yellowoctopus.com.au


Electrician Ceramic Figurine, $19.95, from yellowoctopus.com.au
Wooden Sphere Bottle Opener, $29.95, from yellowoctopus.com.au


Bicycle Repair Kit | Gentleman’s Hardware, $29.95, yellowoctopus.com.au


Why You’re So Awesome | Fill In The Blanks, $18.99, from yellowoctopus.com.au


Olli the Octopus

Olli the Octopus

When it comes to normal octopuses, they're usually only interested in finding tasty crayfish, swimming about, and picking their noses. Ollie is no ordinary octopus. Ollie has a vision and with the help of his loyal team he'll see it done. His vision is for Australians all over this land girt by sea to enjoy the world's coolest, craziest and quirkiest gifts, adding smiles to faces and laughter to homes. His dream has finally materialised and now everyone has access to Ollie's collection of awesome doodads.

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