The Top 7 Gifts For Men Under $50


The team at Yellow Octopus HQ have a huge month of birthdays approaching, and they’re all for men (sigh…). You know what this means? It’s time to think up some gift ideas for men!

Whether you’re buying for your colleague, husband, boyfriend, ‘friend’, son, or crush (owwwwwwwwww!), we understand the mental pain this decision is causing you.

Get something he will love, without spending BIG! Who knows? You may even get change for your fifty!


1. VW Camper Van Toiletry Bag | $37.95
This groooooovy toiletry bag is a retro classic. Featuring inner zipper compartments, and with a 5 litre capacity, this Kombi will hold everything a guy needs to be clean shaven and…well, hygienic! Available in red, blue and pink (fabulous, darling!).

2. Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitator | $12.50 (CHEAP!)
If he has just scored a new desk job, then get him something that will take him from ‘Intern’ to ‘Executive’. This is a seriously cool desk gadget that is seemingly magical, but really it’s powered by magnets…but what they don’t know…won’t hurt them. Just give it a gentle tap, and it will rotate in a state of near perpetual motion for minutes.

3. Mantel Wood Clock with Navy Face | $29.95
Some men are punctual, and some… not so much. Tell them, in the nicest way possible, that they need to get their life together. This stylish clock will be hard to miss in any room, meaning his eyes will always be on the time. Winning!

4. Mr Nose and Ear Trimmer | $9.95 (HOT PRICE)
Let them know that their over-grown ear and nose hair disgusts you…but in a fun, quirky way. Mr Nose and Ear Trimmer will soon become their best friend, and all will be well in the world again.

5. Slam Dunk N’ Flush | $25.95
Most ladies have heard about the mysterious ‘man cave’. If you think the man-cave is a secret basement retreat with black velvet, bean bags, and PlayStation, for some, that may be the case, but for the large majority of guys out there, their man-cave is really the bathroom. Give them something that will spruce up their man-cave, and provide (hopefully not hours of…) entertainment.

6. Below 12 Stainless Steel Ice Cube Set of 4 | $24.95
Any guy who likes his whiskey, will thank you for this gift. These stainless steel whiskey cubes are odourless, tasteless, and do not stain, so it’s something he can keep forever.

7. Multi-Tool By Gentlemen’s Hardware | $44.50 (OH YEAH!)

Know a Mr Fix-It? Well then this is perfect! Beautifully crafted, and packed with everything he could ever need, this Multi-Tool is a must have for the hands-on man.

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