Thank You Gifts For Your Child’s School Teacher


The school year is about to end and you’d like to thank your son’s, or daughter’s, school teacher for helping them out with school work. You want to keep the gift within a limited budget, but still want it to be exciting and useful.

We have some ideas which can be useful for her or him.

Pantone Mugs | Mixed Blues $21.50


We’re pretty sure that she indulges in coffee or tea drinking every now and then. Then this mug would be perfect for those moments. They come in different colours and perfect for any drink of her choice.

Rainbow Umbrella $39.95


This rainbow umbrella doesn’t go out of style. It’s perfect for either sunny or rainy days.  If she takes this with her anywhere she goes,  she’d be protected from the weather all the time.

Paper Airplane Notepad $10.95


Teachers need paper all the time. They use it to craft lesson plans and other teaching related materials. This notepad is perfect for the next school year.

The Henry Desktop Vacuum $29.95


This vacuum cleaner would keep her desktop clean at all times. It’s easy to use and would definitely be useful whenever she needs to clean her computer.

Pocket Microscope $14.95


This handy microscope would help your child’s teacher with their science experiments. It’s handy and simple. It’s easy to use and easy to keep.


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