Thank You Gifts For Dad

Dad is our best supporter when we are growing up. He takes us to places we’ve never been to. He helps us discover things which we are curious about and he takes care of keeping the home a safe place to be in. Let’s thank our Dad’s for helping us out. Without him, life wouldn’t be so fun.

“World’s Best Dad” Ring Bell Mug $10.50

This mug tells everybody how much you adore and love your dad. This is a ‘must have’ for your dad, if you think he’s the best.


Tetris Ice Cube Tray $14.95

Dad likes to cool it down every now and then. This ice cube tray would have ice ready for him anytime.


Why You’re So Awesome – Fill in the Blanks Booklet $14.95

Tell Dad, why he’s so awesome with this fill in the blanks booklet. Write your thoughts and share it with him. He’d have something special to read about on what you think and feel for him.


Fridge Magnetic Poetry Kit $24.50

If Dad is a frustrated poet, then this is a perfect choice for his hobby. He can create his own poetry on any magnetic surface like the fridge and you’d get to read them whenever you are at his place.


Call Whistle Key Finder Keyring with LED Torch $14.95

If Dad keeps forgetting where the keys are, this call whistle key finder would let them know where they are. It’ll beep and light up whenever he calls out for them or whenever he whistles.


There are more thank you gifts for dad at www.yellowoctopus.com.au



Olli the Octopus

Olli the Octopus

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