Stranded on an Island? 5 Gadgets you wouldn’t live without

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be stranded on a desert island? Hopefully you wont end up like Tom Hanks in Cast Away talking to “Wilson” the ball. We found these top 5 must have gadgets you wouldn’t live without.

1. iGrill Cooking Thermometer

This advanced piece of technology is something that I would struggle to survive without on a desert island.  Summer, sun and relaxation would simply not be the same without a classic barbecue.  And what better way could there be than to end each day than with a perfectly cooked, hassle free meal. 
The igrill bluetooth thermometer ensures that your food is cooked precisely to your personal preference.  An alarm system has also been installed so that you can multi task up to 200ft away whilst the thermometer notifies you when your food is ready!
This device is suitable for android and apple devices with a long range Bluetooth connection.
2. iHealth Watch activity tracker – water, shock and sweat proof
Being stuck on an island with no medical advice, one of these amazing tools would give me some peace of mind, tracking my health, fitness and sleep patterns.  This watch is rain, shock and splash proof, and luckily, durable in all weather conditions.  This insane advancement in technology is a must have if you want to manage or improve your health and wellbeing.  The device assesses your daily routine and advises you of your developments on a regular basis.
3. Solar Powered Phone Charger
It’s frustrating enough being out of the house with a flat battery, so in this day and age, I can’t imagine being stranded on an island with one.  This compact, portable solar powered charger is the perfect accessory for unexpected situations.  This palm sized charger in the right weather conditions, is an environmentally friendly way to recharge your phone in no time, made for both iPhones.  This solar powered charger is ideal for camping, long trips and I guess even if you are suddenly stranded on an island!
4. Pocket Hammock 
No desert island experience would be complete without a traditional hammock to enjoy a siesta in.  This pocket sized fold up hammock is so comfortable that you may never want to sleep anywhere else again. This portable hammock can be easily taken and set up anywhere, whether that is the beach, a park or perhaps just your garden on a lazy Sunday afternoon. So lie back and enjoy pure bliss and tranquillity wherever you are.  The nylon cord mesh is so sturdy that it is possible to quite easily fit two in this hammock.
5. Solar Powered Racing Car Kit
Not only would building this solar powered car provide some great entertainment, the car can be driven around in the sun at over 3 metres per second and up hills 30 degrees or less.  When not in use, simply charge out in the sun whilst relaxing on the beach, going for a swim or just having a siesta.  If the weather is less than ideal some days, the car also contains a battery and can be run from that in the meantime.

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