31 Star Wars Jokes – May The Mirth Be With You

Star Wars MemesLet the laughter be with you. There’s no Dark Side here, it’s all wit and light fun. Why? Because Star Wars fans may be absolutely dedicated but they know there’s a lighter side too. So buckle up in a comfy armchair and enjoy these Star Wars rippers from a long time ago in a galaxy, far far away… 

I’ve Been Waiting For You, Obi-Wan… To Tell You Some Great Star War Jokes

“Through laughter, I gain strength.” Tell these to your Star Wars clones and you’ll have them, as Yoda would say, “Out loud, laughing, tears in, up doubled.”


  1. Why did Star Wars movies get released in the order of 4,5,6,1,2,3? In charge of scheduling was Yoda.
  2. Why did Chewbacca take asylum in the Ecuador embassy? Because he was being pursued for Wookieleaks.
  3. Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road? To get to the Dark Side.
  4. What’s Jabba’s favourite restaurant? Pizza Hutt of course.
  5. What is Jabba’s middle name? The
  6. How do you cook a Wokkie steak? Make sure it’s a little chewy.
  7. What did Obi-Wan Kenobi say to Luke Skywalker when he was having trouble with his Chinese meal? “Use the forks, Luke.”
  8. What did Obi-Wan say to Luke when he gave Luke his lightsaber? Saber the moment Luke.
  9. How does Wicket get around Endor? Ewoks.
  10. And why does he hate playing backyard cricket? Because they use him as the Wicket.
  11. Luke… I’m reading a book on Force levitation….I can’t put it down.
  12. How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for Christmas? He could feel his presents.Where is the best place to shop for a lightsaber? The Dark Maul.
  13. What kind of money do they use in space? Starbucks.
  14. How warm is it inside a tauntaun? Lukewarm.
  15. What happens in the morning on a Star Wars set? The Force Awakens.
  16. Where do you find all the facts about Star Wars? Look up wookieepedia.
  17. Why can’t you count on Yoda to pick up the tab? Because he’s always a little short.
  18. And why is he such a good gardener? Because he has a green thumb.
  19. What advice did Obi-Wan give at the rodeo? “Use the horse Luke.”
  20. What is R2D2 short for? Because he has little legs.
  21. What do Gungans put things in? Jar Jars
  22. What is Darth Vader’s favourite food? Sith-kebabs
  23. Why couldn’t Princess Leia find love? She was looking in Alderaan places?
  24. Who did Luke go to for advice after he lost his hand? Han Solo.
  25. How do Jedi say goodbye? See ya leia.
  26. Is BB hungry? No, BB-8
  27. What do you say to your Star Wars friends? Yoda best.
  28. Two Star Wars fans got married. In their vows they said, “Yoda Obi-Wan for me.”
  29. Two Star Wars fans go to a bar. One says to the other, “Let’s get Sith -Faced.”
  30. What program do you use to view PDF files? Adobe-Wan Kenobi.


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