Star Trek: The Original Series Communicator Bluetooth Replica


The Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator is now available!

The wizards being the magic The Wand Company (UK), have pulled out all the stops to create the ultimate Star Trek prop replica collectible. This screen-accurate 1:1 replica of the Original Series Star Trek Communicator is the very first fully functional wireless Communicator in the world (and galaxy!).

While it may not enable you to contact orbiting starships or request Scotty’s transportation services, the handset will enable you to communicate with freinds and family back on terrestrial earth. Simply pair your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone or device with the Communicator and all the Trekkies out there can make and receive phone calls in a way that you could only have previously dreamed of – with a flick of that iconic antenna grille. It also hosts an awesome array of authentic Star Trek sounds and recorded conversation fragments that lets you to spice up any mundane telephone call.

This Communicator is truly a one-of-a-kind collectors item – it is a nostalgic piece crafted from hefty die-cast metal and comes presented in its own foam-lined transit case. Every curve, every line and texture has been painstakingly 3D scanned from the original movie prop. Included is also magnetic stand for wireless charging with multi-colour LED charge status illumination, Kirk would salivate.

What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the greatest show in the galaxy?

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  • A 1:1 perfect replica of the original Communicator
  • The first fully functional Communicator
  • Bluetooth functionality means you will forever more answer your calls with “Kirk here”
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices inlcuding the iPhone, iPad & Adroid devices
  • A serious prop for all Star Trek collectors


  • An officially licensed product
  • Modelled after a 3D scan of the original “Alpha Hero” prop
  • Made of die-cast metal, aluminium and ABS
  • Magnetic charging connector included
  • Measures approximately 22cm wide x 13.9cm high x 4.8cm deep

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