These school memes earned an A+. You’re going to love these school memes if you can relate to being confused on your first day, finishing your homework 5 minutes before it’s due, and accidentally calling your teacher mum. Like a great teacher that can transform a D student into an A student, each and every one of these school memes takes an awkward moment or frustration and transforms them into something hilarious. And don’t worry, these school memes are much funnier than your teacher’s jokes. Enjoy. 

These 66 school memes will make you smarter than your teachers…

The most relatable school moments…

We all share moments from our journey through school. They felt unique to us, yet we all share them. Here are some classic moments from school…

– Lining up to take pictures before every school dance. 

– Mum wanting to take your photo on your first day. 

– Feeling nervous before your first presentation in front of the class. 

– Having that one subject that you hated. 

– Not wanting to go to class, but always wanting to see your friends. 

– Seeing your teacher outside of the school and feeling shocked. 

– Wondering how that one kid aced every test. 

– Forgetting to do your homework, panicking, and then later realising it’s not the end of the world. 

– The moment when your parents can’t help with your chemistry homework and they don’t know everything in the world. 

– All the new friends you suddenly have when you buy hot chips from the canteen. 

– The excitement of a public holiday (which the teachers were even more excited about!).

Love those school memes?

If you loved those school memes, it’s because they’re relatable. We know how you feel. And because we know how you feel… we recognise that you might not always be excited to be heading back to school after the holidays. That’s why we’ve assembled an epic collection of back to school gifts and gadgets that will make every student excited to return to class.