5 School Holiday Activities You Can Do Anywhere

Have you got your school holiday activities ready? While you don’t need every minute of every hour planned—the holidays aren’t school—you’re going to want some fun activities ready to go. 

So we’re here to help. You can explore these fun school holiday activities. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can be anywhere, from Hobart to Cairns. And if you want any of the products below, Yellow Octopus ships them all over Australia.

From the Board Game Olympics to Outer Space, your holiday activities are waiting below. Have fun!

1. Board Games Olympics

How’s your stamina? Your speed? Your strength? It doesn’t matter. Because this isn’t the athletes Olympics, this is the Olympics of the mind. So how’s your strategy? Because you’re going to need it in the Board Games Olympics. 

Ready to compete? Here are your events: 

2. Grow Some Plants (Vegetables Are Even Better)

You can’t always get kids to eat their vegetables, but you can get them to grow them (and maybe be so excited they’ll eat them too). There’s no better way to introduce kids to healthy eating and sustainable food production that with one of these kits. Gardening isn’t just for grown-ups. 

These kits help give kids a love for gardening:

3. Science Experiments: Does The Hypothesis Hold Up?

Here’s our hypothesis: these science experiments are the best way to have fun and learn during the school holidays. Is the hypothesis correct? There’s only one way to find out…

Select some science kits for your school holidays activities:

  1. Windmill Generator Construction Kit | 4M Kidz
  2. 4M Kidz Magnet Science Kit
  3. Scientific Magic Kit – 20 Science Tricks
  4. Salt Water Powered Robot | 4M Kidz
  5. Kitchen Science Kit | 4M Kids

4. Make An Art Show From Your Arts & Crafts

The Louvre can’t compete with the creative art show your kids put on. The raw creativity of kids can produce some truly original art. So let them put on a show. 

From unicorns to lanterns, these kits will boost their creativity:

5. Take A Trip To Outer Space

3… 2… 1… Blast off to outer space for your school holidays. Gold Coast? Sydney beaches? Europe? Forget it. There’s no better vacation than the international space station. While adults may have difficulty travelling outside our atmosphere, it’s no problem for kids—find a cardboard box, slap on a helmet, and they’re ready to explore the galaxy.  

Don’t forget your space kit:

Yellow Octopus deliver the products listed above all over Australia. So you really can do these school activities ANYWHERE!