20 Unbelievable Savage Memes

These memes are so savage they make Thanos look friendly

What are savage memes? They’re hilariously cruel memes that show somebody who doesn’t care about their actions. The memes below are incredibly savage. Why? It takes real cruelness to cut someone down to size, to cut them off at the knees, and to tell them to pull their head in. But sometimes people need bringing down a peg or two because nobody likes a big head with an inflated ego. There’s no place for tall poppies in Australia. But there is plenty of room for these epic savage memes. Enjoy.

The most savage memes on the internet

1. Fashion faux pas

2. I’m The Man

3. Clever idea exposed

4. The truth is no friend of mine

5. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt

6. Going down… I don’t think so

7. Pride goes before a fall

8. Always the rebel

9. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

10. Even the ancients went to the dentist

11. Liar, liar pants on fire 

12. Corona virus: AHHH! C=Lung cancer: whatever.

13. Social distancing

14. If only I had 20/20 vision

15. Death mask

16. Tusk, tusk

17. Reputation restored

18. Wired for no sound

19. How dark does it have to be?

20. Beats sticking it on some lame bridge

If  you enjoyed these savage memes, then you’ve clearly got a wicked sense of humour. And at Yellow Octopus we’re knee deep in wicked and naughty gifts.