105 Relatable Exam Memes (HILARIOUS!)

Hilarious exam memes that are all too relatable

These hilarious exam memes perfectly describe the torture, ecstasy, and relief of exam season.

They capture the nervous feeling when you have an exam the next day, the self-hatred when you’re procrastinating instead of studying, and that terrifying moment when the teacher peers over your shoulder and then tells the whole room to “Make sure you read your exam carefully!”

So if you’ve ever experienced the stress and terror of an exam, you’ll love these relatable exam memes. Plus, they’re the ultimate in study procrastination.

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The 101 best exam memes


1. Exams: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

2. Getting pumped for your exam

3. The worst trade deal in the history of trade deals…

4. It’s a scary moment when…

5. A math test will fry your brain

6. Anything is better than nothing. Plus, it’s technically correct. 

7. Never celebrate too early. The knockout punch is coming. 

8. Be careful by the cliff…

9. Becky never understands. We’re not all geniuses. 

10. Seize the moment or watch it pass. 

11. Uh oh. This can’t be good. But what did I do wrong?

12. Better late than never. Or maybe not. 

13. The moment reality hits home. Exam season breeds nihilism.

14. No point crying over spilled milk, even if you want to.

15. It’s like winning the lottery. Or maybe it’s even better than that.

16. I can’t believe everyone else got it wrong, right? You’re either an idiot or a genius.

17. Studying? Better late than never. Although maybe not that late. 

18. The real answer to our biggest exam problem. 

19. Great study habits. They still count. 

20. Check twice, measure once. Or just always choose ‘B’. 

21. Studying pays off. Eventually. Maybe. Sometimes.

22. You deserve a trophy for your dedication and discipline. 

23. If only we were graded by our intentions and not our actions. 

24. Nothing like going around in circles. 

25. The best laid plans of mice and men. 

26. Is it well deserved? Or are you celebrating too early?

27. It’s worse than you think. Your whole future depends on this one exam. But try not to take it too seriously, OK?

28. Whoops. How did that happen? 

29. Try to make sure you’re Hermione. Or at least Ron.

30. If everything’s important, nothing is important. 

31. The lies we tell ourselves. Still, our results tell the truth.

32. How did the examiner make such an obvious mistake?

33. So much to learn, so little time. 

34. Death is a luxury students cannot afford.

35. We must defend our human rights. Freedom isn’t free.

36. Just another brick in the wall. 

37. What’s the ruler for? What am I measuring? Did I get a different exam?

38. The important facts go missing when you need them most. 

39. He’s technically correct. Hopefully someone wrote the answer there. 

40. You can’t relax until it’s over. Sleep is only for the well-prepared. 

41. Ignorance is bliss. Always put off today, what you can do tomorrow.

42. Don’t poke the bear. Not when exams are coming up. 

43. Praying for a miracle. Only God can save us now. 

44. Last minute cramming can’t hurt. I might as well be able to answer at least one question.

45. I must have had a different exam. They can’t all be that stupid. It couldn’t be me that’s wrong…

46. The four stages of exam preparation. 

47. It was all worth it in the end… Wait a second…

48. The pen is mightier than my mind. 

49. Might as well go down laughing. It’s technically studying if you’re reading. 

50. Sleep is for the weak and feeble. Victory goes to the tired and emotionally empty.

51. Memories are supposed to be forever.

52. One letter can make a huge difference.

53. I wish I had a time machine.

54. If only song lyrics was a subject.

55. At least you know something.

56. The agony and the ecstasy.

57. Wasn’t worth all the trouble after all.

58.  The final countdown begins.

59. Not the sharpest knife either. 

60. You’ve got to sleep some time. 

61. It gets worse… and worse… and worse. 

62. The revenge of the nerds. 

63. It’s not an easy name to spell. 

64. And it’s only a two hour exam. 

65. There is lies, damn lies, and then what we tell Mum. 

66. C’s get degrees. No point in over-achieving. 

67. The last thing you want to hear. 

68. They couldn’t believe their eyes. 

69. The greatest lie of all. Being easy for the professor doesn’t make it easy for the students. 

70. If it fits, I sits. 

71. The first rule of exams is you don’t talk about results.

72. Make sure you eat a good breakfast before your exam. 

73. So much to learn, so little time. 

74. Always check both sides of the paper. 

75. Now that’s a tough question. 

76. The worst lies are the lies you tell yourself. Especially when you believe them. 

77. Alright boys, let’s get em. 

78. When you’re right, you’re right. Even when you’re wrong. 

79. They always said math would come in handy. I should have believed them. 

80. Crying is permitted as long as you do it quietly. Sobbing is unacceptable. 

81. Exams can be like life. You have to start even if you don’t know where you’ll finish. 

82. Which is it??? Either I can, or I can’t. 

83. It’s how they get you. Never trust the study guides. 

84. You can’t escape reality with kind words. You can run but you can’t hide. 

85. The perfect comeback. 

86. The curve is your saving grace. Sometimes. 

87. Did they lose it? Was it eaten by termites? Are they drawing cartoons? They cannot have more to write. 

88. It’s only going to get worse from here. Don’t cry. There will be plenty of time for crying later. 

89. When there’s chores to do, it’s time to study. 

90. There’s nothing wrong with confidence in your ability to get it all done at the very last moment. Let’s cram fam.

91. Now that’s a question I could answer. Memes are the literature of our time. 

92. It’s lonely at the bottom of the bell curve. 

. The only math we need to know. 

94. It’s good to acquaint yourself with old friends.

95. I did everything I possibly could. I don’t know how it happened. I’m literally shocked.

96. Cartoon wars. Unfortunately, creativity won’t help you pass chemistry.

97. It’s all worth it in the end. Never give up, never give in, never surrender. 

98. But it feels like a holiday… Life is what you make it. 

99. Exams can be a hair raising experience. 

100. All for one and one for all. Friendship is the most important thing. 

101. Life just isn’t fair. At least Mr Bean understands you. 

102. When the professor ‘covers’ everything in the course…

103. God help us all.

104. When your prayers go unanswered…

105. The year is all fun and games, then the exam arrives. 

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