Polaroid is Packing a Punch for the Sweet Price of $100…Your Move GoPro


We’re currently witnessing a blossoming market of student-wallet-friendly camera options coming out of China and America, but it’s Polaroid who have our eyes in focus.

This camera calls out to any living soul with a creative streak, modelling pop colours, with performance to boot! That’s right, Polaroid is parading what looks like a toy-camera, but what really is a high performing, but short, mean machine.

So next time your preparing for a camping trip or overseas travel, your luggage is sorted as this Polaroid packs a memory card, micro USB port, and a switch for alternating between 720p and 1080p.The whole team are captured by this colourful cube from Polaroid, it’s shaping up to be a hot favourite!

Oh…and GoPro, sorry, we’re not sorry.

To read more about Polaroid’s new camera, go to: http://www.startupdaily.com.au/2014/09/polaroid-launches-budget-gopro-competitor-priced-100/




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