Pokemon Go Popularity: A Fad or Here to Stay?


Is Pokemon Go just a flash in the pan? You, kind reader, decide.

The following visualisation depicts how the world reacted to two of the largest phenomena of 2016 – Brexit and Pokemon Go. Find out how the two events shaped the Google Search landscape over the past month, comparing both Brexit and Pokemon Go to stable search queries such as weather, porn and news at a global and country level. The data also looks at the dramatic rise and fall of Nintendo share prices since the game’s release.

The data provides an overall snapshot of the game’s popularity. Find out where Pokemon Go is most popular around the globe and which Pokemon are the most popular (hint: Pikachu is #1). See the fluctuations in search intent as the game was rolled out in different countries.

Since Pokemon Go’s release in early July the game has become the largest social craze in recent history. The game quickly topped both Apple’s ‘Top Grossing’ and ‘Free’ charts, the fastest game ever to do so. By July 12 the game had 21 million active users in the United States and it’s estimated by SensorTower that the game has had more than 75 million downloads globally.

As the data shows, Pokemon Go to date has been mind-blowingly huge. But as share prices drop and with daily active users on the decline, what does the future hold for Pokemon Go?

About the data:

This popularity data has been extracted from Google Trends and is not definitive. There are many other measures of ‘popularity’ which this piece does not cover, however it must be said that the Google Trend Data closely follows trends in user engagement.

Share price data is courtesy of Reuters.

Header Image Source: Google Play