27 Cute Pingu Memes (Noot Noot) – 5 Minutes of Joy

Pingu memes that will make you Noot

What are Pingu memes? Images from the childrens TV show are taken and funny captions are overlaid to describe a funny modern situation. Pingu memes are so funny because they combine the innocence of a wholesome and beloved childhood character with the naked reality of the real world. 

So who is Pingu? Pingu comes from a stop-motion children’s TV show that began in 1986. It featured Penguins living at the North Pole and tried to instill important lessons in children, like how to cook, table manners, and friendship. Pingu is the beloved star of this TV show. The story is based around the young penguins’ life growing up at the North Pole. 

Why are Pingu memes so popular? The kids who watched Pingu as kids have all grown up and are now old enough to create and share hilarious (and slightly inappropriate) Pingu memes on the internet. In fact, Pingu memes have inspired song remixes, the Noot Noot meme, Pingu reaction images, and YouTube dedications. Clearly, Pingu is a cult figure for millennials. 

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The best Pingu memes straight from the North Pole

1. That’s the great thing about Pingu, he’s always been there for you.

2. All things come to he who wastes.

3. Everyone just needs to aim a little higher.

4. You don’t lie about dinner, ever!

5. You can never beat the original.

6. Peter Pan never grew up either.

7. On the road again, here I am… back on the road again.

8. OMG! Did that really happen!

9. Okay, perhaps I have got a bit of a sweet tooth.

10. I’m an artist not a magician.

11. Pipipipipipippipp pipipipi pinguu pinguuu..

12. Sometimes it’s best to count to ten first.

13. When you’re nothing if not consistent.

14. Impostors can never trump the real deal.

15. Life is just not fair.

16. Why is Sunday such a short day?

17. The truth is out. Pingu was your first real love.

18. Winter is coming!

19. Do penguins count sheep too!

20. No contest really.

21. A penguins gotta do what a penguin’s gotta do.

22. Blue every time. Sorry.

23. “Pay attention damn it”.

24. Challenge accepted.

25. Noot noot, meek meek!

26. I used to procrastinate all the time, but now I’m not sure.

27. Just for a fleeting moment things were working out fine.

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