Picnic Ideas: Where To Go, How To Pack & What To Do

Picnic Ideas: Where To Go, How To Pack & What To Do

Picnic Ideas: Where To Go, How To Pack & What To Do

Do you know what’s the best thing is about picnics? They’re free. Sure, you have to pack a picnic and get to your favourite picnic spot, but once the rugs laid out, it’s all gratis. Fresh air, awesome views, romantic strolls, trees to climb, a kite to fly. What’s not to love? That’s why we’ve never fallen out of love with the simplicity of the humble picnic. It’s just a down to earth (literally) opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy your city.

The Best Picnic Spots In Your City

The sun’s shining. There’s a gentle breeze. Soft clouds meander by. Full of life, you announce to the family or to your friends, “Let’s wander where the wi-fi is weak.”  So you may as well enjoy your picnic in the best places your city has to offer.

> McKell Park: It’s nestled on the shores of Sydney Harbour with views of “The Bridge” and Sydney Heads.

SYDNEY: Secret Sydney Picnic Spots

> Centennial Park: It features wide open spaces, playgrounds and a lake, making it perfect for family gatherings.

> Blackburn Gardens: They’re a beautifully restored heritage garden with stunning views.

> Royal Botanic Gardens: It’s where history meets tranquillity. They’re the oldest botanic gardens in the southern hemisphere.

> Cockatoo Island: They’re a UNESCO World Heritage-Listed sanctuary in the heart of the harbour. Enough said.

MELBOURNE: Melbourne Picnic Lunch Sites

> Edinburgh Gardens: They have a sprawling space for the kids to play.

> St Kilda Botanical Gardens: They’re a bayside beauty.

> One Tree Hill Picnic Ground: Don’t let the name deter you. It’s at the foot of the magnificent Dandenongs.

> Yarra Bend Park: It’s the largest area of natural bushland near the heart of Melbourne.

> Rippon Lea Estate: It is home to 14 acres of magnificent gardens.

BRISBANE: Brisbane Breakfast Picnic Places

> Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park: You can find a Natural History Trail, boardwalk and jetty.

> Brisbane City Botanic Gardens: It has mellow music to mellow your mood in a botanic garden.

> South Bank: There are stunning river views, lush parklands and a paddle. Perfect.

> Orleigh Park: Take shelter under a Moreton Bay Fig while you lunch.

> Roma Street Parklands: They’re a subtropical garden by day, an illuminated wonderland by night.

ADELAIDE: Amazing Adelaide Picnic Ideas

> Mount Lofty Summit: Enjoy panoramic views across the city to the coast.

> Carrick Hill: There are spectacular views stretching to Gulf St Vincent.

> Onkaparinga River Recreation Park: It has rock pools, rivers and wetlands.

> Morialta Conservation Park: It’s Adelaide’s biggest playground.

> Para Wirra Conservation Park: You can immerse yourself in nature.

PERTH: Places For  A Perfect Perth Picnic

> John Forrest National Park: For when you’re ready to head for the hills.

> Kings Park and Botanic Gardens: It’s such a beautiful setting for the perfect picnic.

> Matilda Bay Reserve: Watch the sun sparkling or setting.

> Heathcote Reserve: It’s a haven for kids.

> Yanchep National Park: Find nature’s paradise and one of Perth’s prettiest parks.

Picnic Lunch Ideas: What to Pack For Your Picnic

So you’ve picked the perfect place. Now, what to pack? Here’s a heads up on what to pop in with your picnic hamper:

> Of course you’ll want to kick back with a wine or a beer so make sure you’ve got your wine glass holders and your beer bucket.

> Don’t forget the multi-tool bbq set or a pocket knife and bottle opener. Can’t have the hoards hungry or thirsty.

> Ensure those pesky ants don’t get the idea that the picnics for them, set everything out on a comfortable blanket.

> Keep the great Australian freeloader, the fly, at bay with your fly swatter.

> Now you’re settled, kick back and tell the kids, “to go fly a kite”. Literally.

Top 10 Easy Picnic Food Ideas

This may be the single most important part of any picnic: the food. But you don’t want to be slaving in the kitchen for hours. So here are some easy and delicious picnic recipes:

> Ham & Cheese Sandwich. Recipe here.

> Caprese Sandwiches with Parsley Pesto. Recipe here.

> Chive Potato Salad. Recipe here.

> Italian Pinwheels. Recipe here.

> Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies. Recipe here.

> Oven-Roasted Pulled Pork with Sweet-and-Spicy Sauce. Recipe here.

> Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Salad. Recipe here.

> Blueberry Brownies. Recipe here.

> Chicken-Bacon-Ranch Pasta Salad. Recipe here.

> Old-Fashioned Lemonade. Recipe here.

Twenty Awesome Things To Do On A Picnic

Here’s a host of ideas and activities to keep everyone happy and occupied. And best of all these picnic ideas are all free:

> Fly a kite.

> Toss a frisbee.

> Climb a tree.

> Sketch the view.

> Read out a favourite poem.

> Stroll hand in hand.

> Play hide and seek.

> Make a daisy chain.

> Sail a leaf down a creek.

> Walk bare-footed in the grass.

> Interpret the clouds.

> Have a snooze.

> Read a book.

> Take turns telling jokes.

> Use your binoculars.

> Take memorable photos.

> Take a selfie hugging a tree.

> Take a deep breath or three.

> Do a crossword.

> Write your name in the sand.

So, contrary to what they say, life can be a picnic. And a fantastic picnic at that! So whether you’re heading to the outdoors, by the water, on an adventure, or to a BBQ, you now know where to go, how to pack, and what to do on your picnic!

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