Pets Birthday Celebration Pictures – 5 Minutes of Joy

Funny pictures of pets celebrating their birthday

They’re not just pets. They’re members of the family. So of course they’ve got to have a proper birthday party. That means pooches in party hats, pandas being pampered, happy hippos and hamsters, lots of cakes and candles, and the cat who got the cream. They’ve even invited their friends around to help them celebrate. So let’s join them and celebrate their birthdays too. 

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17 photographs of pets loving their birthday bash

1. Fatboy Slim

2. Party for one

3. Ready, set, go!

4. Making a spectacle of himself

5. Now that’s a cake

6. Princess

7. Dog whistle

8. I wished I was a unicorn

9. Fine dining

10. Table manners

11. Go fetch

12. Pandering to me

13. Fish cakes

14. Birthday drinks

15. Trick-or-treat

16. Hip Hip Hooray!

17. Who’s a good boy?

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