The Perfect Personalised Teacher Gifts


Personalised Teacher GiftsHere’s a little known fact: Teachers actually have a life outside of school. Hard to believe hey! So when the time comes to thank them for all they have done for your kids, personalised teacher gifts say so much more.

With a little bit of sleuthing, a little bit of observation,and a subtle question or two you can buy personalised teacher gifts that they’ll truly enjoy. Yep, match the your personalised teacher gifts to their hobbies, passions and personality.

Here’s a selection of the types of teachers that have made a difference for your kids and a range of fantastic gifts that say you’ve really appreciated their efforts.


Mr/ Mrs Green Thumb

Personalised teacher gifts for Mrs Green Thumb obviously centre around her garden and her passion for gardening. At school she nurtures the children at home, it’s her vegetables. The perfect thank you gift…

> Triceratops Ceramic Dinosaur Planter Pot 15cm
> Micro Herbs Window Sill Planter Box Grow Kit
> Urban Greens Grow Kits
> Hanging Planter Pots | Annabel Trends
> Fresh Herb Storage Canister & 5-Blade Herb Scissors Set
> Black Swan Planter


The Beach Boy Or Girl

You can tell by the tan, their way of winding down from a tough week at the chalkboard is to hit the beach. So, to make their weekend great….

> Sunnylife Beach Sounds Portable Bluetooth Speaker
> Wine Glass Holder Pegs
> Gigantic Burger Beach Blanket Towel | BigMouth
> Sunnylife Lie-On Float Cactus
> Superman Caped Stubby Holder
> Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable Suitcase BBQ


Mr/ Mrs Mamil (The Cyclist)

Easy to spot Mr. Mamil (Middle Aged Man in Lycra). He’s the one parking his bike with the kids in the bike shed. And he looks half asleep during June/ July when the Tour De France is in full swing. He’ll appreciate….

> Bikends Bookends
> Wireless Portable Rechargeable Mini Bluetooth Speaker
> Nite Ize LED Clip-on Marker Safety Light
> 14-in-1 Bike Tool with Handy Carry Pouch
> ‘I Love My Bike’ Book
> Kikkerland Leather Bike Cup Holder


Mr/ Mrs Geek

Personalised teacher gifts for Mr. Geek are all about gadgets. Anything tech is a winner:

> Robotosaurus Mini Remote Controlled Robotic Dinosaur
> Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet 3D Light Wall Art
> The Hobbit Welcome to Hobbiton Door Mat
> Retro Mechanical Walking Sparking Robot Collectable Toy
> Game Boy Heat Change Mug
> Set of 2 Doctor Who TARDIS Bookends


Mr/ Mrs Bookworm

You’ve seen the bumper sticker, “If you can read this then thank your English teacher,” – so turn the tables. Personalised teacher gifts for those with a passion for reading revolves around a good book and comfort:

> Zuny Handmade Animal Bookends & Paperweights
> Lonely Planet Where To Go When Travel Book
> Metallic Mermaid Bookends
> Game Of Scones Cook Book
> 365 Reasons To Love Your Dog Book
> Hippie Lane: Deliciously Luxe Wholefood Cookbook


Mr/ Mrs Barista

It’s easy to buy a personalised teacher gifts for him. That coffee mug that’s permanently attached to his hand is a dead give away.

> The Big 700ml Manly Mug
> Pug Dog Reusable Thermal Ceramic Travel Mug
> Harry Potter Ceramic Cauldron Mug & Spoon
> Star Wars Darth Vader Glow-in-the-Dark Mug
> The Ultimate TV Box Series Quiz Mug
> Shark Attack Mug With Cookie Shelf


Mr/ Mrs Masterchef

Every Monday she gushes about her favourite show and the delights she’s going to cook. Personalised teacher gifts for her centre around the kitchen.

> Eva Solo Self-Watering Flowerpot 15cm
> Sagaform Bamboo Fish Chopping Serving Board
> Foodie’s Sushi Making
> ‘Morty’ Handheld Mortar & Bamboo Pestle Set
> Palm Leaf Placemat Trivets & Coasters
> Hippie Lane: Deliciously Luxe Wholefood Cookbook


Mr Man Cave

Loves his sport. Footy, cricket, golf, tennis, olympics, world cup. He’s watched them all. Personalised teacher gifts for the man cave are about serious downtime in front of the giant screen:

> The Gym Glass
> The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games Set
> How To Order A Beer Retro Tin Sign
> 18-Game Electronic Dartboard
> Giant Beast Fist Stubby Holder
> ‘Big Foot’ Slippers


Mr/ Mrs Adventurer

“She’s been everywhere man.” The reason your kids know where Nicaragua is because they’ve seen her pics and heard her tall tales. Personalised teacher gifts for those with wanderlust are all about travel.

> Lonely Planet Where To Go When Travel Book
> Mermaid Tail Travel Neck Pillow
> Portable Travel Solar Charger: Charge Your USB Devices with The Sun!
> I’m Outta Here Rose Gold Luggage Tag
> Kikkerland Emergency 48-Piece Sewing Kit
> Digital Luggage Travel Scale


Mr/ Mrs Sweet Tooth

No better way to say thank-you, with personalised teacher gifts for Ms. Sweet Tooth, than with something delicious to melt in her mouth.

> 100 Desserts to Die For Cookbook
> Thank You Chocolate Bar
> Cake In A Mug – Chocolate Cake in 3 Minutes
> Chocolate: Luscious Recipes & Expert Know-How Receipe Book
> Nintendo Mario Kart Mushroom Sour Lollies
> “Thanks For Putting Up With My Sh#t” Milk Chocolate



Got Your Personalised Teacher Gifts?

So by putting in an extra bit of effort to source fantastic personalised teacher gifts, your child’s teacher will know that you’ve noticed the amazing job they’ve done..