Personalised Gifts: The Ultimate Guide

Make it personal… with personalised gifts Australia.

Personalised gifts are so popular because they celebrate what makes our loved ones so incredible—their uniqueness. It’s more than our DNA and fingerprints that makes us distinct, it’s our personalities that make us exceptional. Naturally, if you want to give your loved one a distinctly special present, then it must be unique. And that’s why personalised gifts Australia are so popular… and exclusive. 

Why are personalised gifts Australia so exclusive? There are millions and millions of generic gifts given for birthdays, Christmas and weddings every year. Maybe even billions. But how many personalised gifts are given? Not many. Hardly any. And ask yourself, who has ever been excited receiving another plain photo frame or generic sweater? Nobody. Exactly. Generic gifts aren’t only the most common gift, they’re boring too. Personalised gifts are already fantastic on their own, so when they’re sitting next to generic gifts—they look even more brilliant. Generic gifts are the dark night which makes the star of personalised gifts shine bright. 

And yet, there are so many more reasons that personalised gifts are so brilliant. We know it’s the thought that counts and there’s nothing more thoughtful than a personalised gift. Personalised gifts show that you care, they stand out, they are perfect for important occasions, they become treasured keepsakes, and they add a personal touch that strengthens your relationship. In short, personalised gifts make it personal. 

Wait a second, what makes us the expert on personalised gifts? Good question! We’re glad you asked because we’re dedicated to finding and making the best personalised gifts on the planet. We work harder than Santa’s elves to make the best personalised gifts in Australia. Our team of designers, manufacturers, and customer service make sure you have an epic selection of personalised gifts to choose from. That’s why our customers call us The Murray River—we’re like Amazon but Down Under. And as Australia’s favourite online retailer, we make sure there are awesome personalised gifts for Sydney, Melbourne, and across the entire country. Furthermore, our personalised gifts can be paid for using Afterpay. Essentially, we stock the best personalised presents at the best prices.

So whether it’s for an 18th, Christmas, a first birthday, a wedding, a grandpa, or even a pet—Yellow Octopus has the best selection of personalised gifts in Australia.

CONTENTS – Personalised Gifts For Every Aussie














  1. Personalised Christmas Gifts
  2. Personalised Birthday Gifts
  3. Personalised Baby Gifts
  4. Personalised Kids Gifts
  5. Personalised Gifts For Her
  6. Personalised Gifts For Him
  7. Personalised Gifts For Grandparents
  8. Personalised Teacher Gifts
  9. Personalised Best Friend Gifts
  10. Personalised Wedding Gifts
  11. Personalised Photo Gifts
  12. Personalised Valentines Day Gifts
  13. Personalised Corporate Gifts
  14. Personalised Gifts For Pets

The Best Personalised Gifts In Australia

QUICK PICKS – Top 10 personalised Gifts:

  1. Custom photo frame
  2. Personalised beer/ wine glasses
  3. Custom jewellery
  4. Personalised blanket
  5. Custom soft toy
  6. Personalised christening gifts
  7. Hand-designed decorative wall art
  8. Personalised candles and gifts
  9. Custom t-shirts
  10. Personalised pillow gifts


1. Personalised Christmas Gifts

What’s the best thing sitting in Santa’s sleigh? That’s right, a personalised Christmas gift handcrafted by his elves. A personalised present will stand out this Christmas season. In a pile of awesome Christmas gifts, a personalised Xmas gift still shines bright. Much like with personalised Easter gifts, the right personalised Christmas gifts help us connect with the sentimental occasion in a way that most gifts can’t. They go beyond being an awesome gift, they help highlight a special person—our family, friends, and partner. It’s people that matter on Christmas and that’s what these personalised gifts reflect.  

Top 3 Personalised Christmas Gifts Australia:

  1. Engraved Christmas gifts
  2. Personalised baubles
  3. Wine glasses 


2. Personalised Birthday Gifts

Make their next birthday extra special with a personalised birthday gift. Whether it’s a 1st, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th or even 100th birthday—a personalised birthday present will mark the occasion the right way. It’s the best way to make them feel special on their special day. For example, a personalised bottle of wine or a penknife as a personalised 21st gift will be treasured for decades. Birthdays celebrate our relationships with someone, their achievements, and are an occasion for us to show them how important they are to us. There’s no better way to do that than with an awesome personalised gift. 

Top 3 personalised birthday gifts:

  1. Custom photo frame
  2. Personalised beer/ wine glasses
  3. Custom jewellery


3. Personalised Baby Gifts

There’s no more exciting time than when a baby is born. The experience transforms us. How can we mark such a special occasion? One way is with a personalised gift. They are the perfect memento to mark such a special moment in our lives. Naturally, a gift with their new name is perfect. They have just received a brand new name, so it’s a great way to celebrate. Whether it’s for a Christening or first birthday, these personalised gift ideas will help make the occasion special. But what should you personalise? There are so many cute, cuddly, and special gift ideas for babies that are better when personalised. Imagine a bib with their name on it, an engraved silver spoon, a poster made just for them, a photo set to hang in their room, or a toy that is uniquely their own. Unlike most gifts that babies and kids receive, a personalised present is sure to be kept for, and last a lifetime.

Top 4 personalised baby gifts Australia:

  1. Custom soft toy
  2. Personalised blanket
  3. Personally designed wall art
  4. Personalised christening gifts


4. Personalised Kids Gifts

Every child is unique. That’s something every single parent understands. They see that their child is like no other. They have a unique personality that makes them special in their own way. That’s why personalised gifts for kids are so awesome. Parents can create their children a gift that is literally hand crafted for them. Perhaps it’s made extra special by personalising it with their name, engraving it to highlight an achievement, or making a design that has incredible appeal to them. Whatever the gift, personalising it makes it that much more special.

Top 7 personalised childrens gifts:

  1. Personalised toys
  2. Personalised Harry Potter gifts
  3. Funky personalised childrens gifts
  4. Customised school supplies
  5. Custom posters and wall art
  6. Personalised Frozen gifts
  7. Personalised name gifts


5. Personalised Gifts For Her

There’s no other woman like her. That’s something every husband, boyfriend, child, parent, friend, and sibling knows. She’s special in her own way, and as we know, she deserves a personalised gift. But what should you get her? And how can you personalise it? Well, we have many personalised presents to choose from. Wine bottle? Engraving? Decorations? Pick your favourite and then personalise it with a special message—adding her name, or uploading your own design. As they always say on Mother’s Day and Valentines Day: it’s the thought that counts. And there’s no better way to show how thoughtful you are than by personalising an awesome present for her.

Top 7 personalised gifts for her:

  1. Custom jewellery
  2. Personalised candles and gifts
  3. Personal and adorable soft toys
  4. Personalised pillow gifts
  5. Custom decorative signs
  6. Personalised kitchen gifts
  7. Personalised wine bottle gifts


6. Personalised Gifts For Him

Dads deserve great gifts. But there are too many generic gifts for him out there. For example, we’ve all seen those #1 Dad mugs that kids give on Father’s Day. But who are they fooling?! However… A mug that says John Smith is the #1 Dad in the World—now that has some credibility. Or what about a gift with a photo of his kids on it? That’s something every father appreciates. And don’t forget an engraved pocket knife or personalised photo set—they quickly become the feature of his man cave. Remember, it’s the little things that make the difference for him. Men always seem like they don’t care, but deep down, they do. They appreciate the thoughtfulness of a personalised gift more than anyone. He will love these personalised gifts.

Top 4 personalised gifts for him Australia:

  1. Custom beer glasses
  2. Personalised golf gifts
  3. Personalised NRL gifts
  4. Personalised surfing gifts


7. Personalised Gifts For Grandparents

It’s always difficult finding a gift for grandparents. Why? Because they’ve already had so many birthdays and Christmases! They’ve already received dozens of sweaters, hundreds of socks, and enough flowers to fill the MCG. So after so many presents, you’re going to have to make something special to surprise them. Luckily, that’s what personalised presents are perfect for. Your grandparents may have received a sweater, but they will never have received a sweater designed only for them. Grandparents may have used ten thousand coffee mugs, but how many of them had their name on them? Not many, if any. And remember, if you add a photo of their grandkids onto their present—you can guarantee that it will immediately become their new favourite gift. In short, while Grandparents may have received thousands of gifts in their lifetime, they have never received any as awesome as a personalised gift.

Top 3 personalised gifts for grandma and grandpa Australia:

  1. Custom blankets
  2. Personalised jewellery
  3. Hand-design photo frames


8. Personalised Teacher Gifts

Think of all the myriad of ways that teachers personalise their lessons for their students. She

explains a concept using dinosaurs to engage Timmy who loves the prehistoric period. He stays back after class to make sure Amy understands why her piece of art is so special. She creates new games, exercises, and projects to make a ‘boring’ topic into something fascinating for her students. Since teachers make such an effort to personalise our schooling, we can make the effort to personalise their end-of-year gift. So forget an apple on their desk. These personalized gifts are the best way to say thank-you. In fact, we’ve graded every personalised gift as an A+.

Top 3 personalised teacher gifts:

  1. Personalised pen set gifts
  2. Personalised stationery gifts
  3. Personalised thank you gifts


9. Personalised Best Friend Gifts

Our best friends know everything about us. Every story, every secret. So there’s nobody on the planet better to give a personalised gift to. We know what our bestie will appreciate most. Not to mention, what will make them laugh the most. We often share our deepest desires and grandest dreams with our very best friends, so we’re the person who can create a personalised gift that matches what they really want. There’s no other person or store that can do that. Quite often our best friend is also our partner, and that only makes those personalised gifts more meaningful. Furthermore, personalised gifts between best friends can often be a shared joke that only you understand. The world may see your personalised necklace or coffee mug, but only you will understand the true meaning. That’s kinda cool. So next time you want to surprise your best friend, do it with a personalised gift.

Top 3 personalised gifts for friends:

  1. Custom beer/ wine glasses
  2. Funny personalised gifts
  3. Personalised housewarming gifts


10. Personalised Wedding Gifts

Our wedding is the most magical day of our lives. It’s a spiritual union between two souls that lasts an eternity. So when we’re attending a wedding ceremony, it can often feel a little tough to find a gift that measures up to the occasion. Luckily, personalised presents are a creative way to make a gift magical. When it includes their names and even the wedding date, it becomes a memento that captures that special day. It becomes a memento they can turn to for the rest of their lives and appreciate. That’s a pretty awesome gift, right? There’s no doubt that practical gifts like toasters, salad bowls, and silverware are useful. But for a truly magical gift idea that measures up to the magnificence of a wedding day—you cannot beat a personalised wedding present. At whatever Church, temple, or town hall the wedding takes place; every bride and groom will feel extra special on their special day when they receive a personalised wedding present.

Top 3 personalised wedding gifts Australia:

  1. Custom photo presents
  2. Personalised wooden gifts
  3. Personalised engraved gifts


11. Personalised Photo Gifts

There are some moments we want to remember forever. Naturally, we want to highlight these photographs that capture those moments. But how? In an age of digital abundance where every Facebook profile has 1,000 pictures and every camera can store 5,000 images, how do we highlight those special moments? The best way is with personalised photo gifts. They take a special moment and make it extra special. Imagine, you have your favourite photos sitting in a special personalised collection. Not only will you be reminded of that special moment daily, everyone who visits your home will comment on it and you can share that special moment with them. Personalised photo gifts really are an excellent way to bring family and friends together. So snap up these personalised photo presents.

Top 3 personalised photo gifts Australia:

  1. Personalised coffee table photo books
  2. Wedding photo collections
  3. Custom frames


12. Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate occasion for a personalised present. There’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a thoughtful gift. What’s more, your gift becomes a treasured memento symbolising your everlasting love. Did that sound romantic? Perfect. That’s how you know your partner is going to appreciate a custom made gift. Your relationship is special, your gift should be too. 

Top 3 personalised valentine’s gifts Australia:

  1. Custom jewellery
  2. Personalised soft toys
  3. Custom chocolate


13. Personalised Corporate Gifts

How do you make your employees feel special? A bonus is a great start, but it lacks a personal touch. And for all the rhetoric about a serious and professional corporate culture, we all know that in reality companies are filled with real people who share real human relationships. A manager sincerely appreciates it when their staff goes the extra mile, whether it’s solving a complex problem or following through on a tough project. That’s when a personalised gift is ideal,  it shows you appreciate what they did, why they did it, and who they are as a person. Our employees are important, so it’s critical we remind them—such as with one of these personalised gifts.

Top 3 personalised corporate gifts:

  1. Personalised keyrings gifts
  2. Personalised coffee mugs
  3. Custom t-shirts


14. Personalised Gifts For Pets

Our pets are part of the family. Even our cats. We love them an unbelievable amount, so it only makes sense that we take the time and make the effort to get them a truly personalised present. For example, a dog bowl with Rover’s name on it is pretty awesome. Or a cat collar with a quirky design is fun too. However, personalised presents help them in a secondary way. How? They make other people love your pets more and quickly learn their name. It’s adorable to see a dog with a personalised dog bowl. And it helps house guests quickly learn their names. What’s not to love? Our pet animals are awesome and anything that makes their lives better is a win in our book. We know how uniquely incredible our pets are, so let’s give them a unique present too.

Top 3 personalised dog gifts:

  1. Personalised food bowls
  2. Custom collars
  3. Custom jackets


Love unique gifts? Personalised gifts are only the beginning at Yellow Octopus. We have thousands of cool and quirky gifts.