Mother’s Day Gifts #1: How To Buy For A Control Freak Mother

Did you say help? Wait, we didn’t get that…did you say, ‘HELP’?
We’re not trying to control the situation or anything, but we know how Control Freak Mothers work, and we know what they want, so listen [read] up!

Is your Mother bossy? You fear she has a personality disorder, that probably stems from her childhood? Well, that’s usually the case.
It doesn’t mean she’s a bad Mum, not at all! You just have to know what buttons to push, and more specifically, how she works.

Control freaks need to control a situation, so they know the outcome before there is one! This stems from their inability to trust…but hey, we can’t all be Hippies and trust that the Universe will work it’s magic, and make the sky shower us with rainbows.

Moving on… Cleanliness and order are a breath of fresh air to Control Freak Mothers, so anything that will assist in these areas is going to be winner.

We’ve compiled a list of gifts to keep your Control Freak organised, and also a little distracted. You may even find something that will help her to relax!

In no particular order (while she’s not looking!)…

Breathtaking Vacuum Wine Stopper | $8.95


Travel Manicure Set | $16.95 



Olli the Octopus

Olli the Octopus

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