Foodie Gifts For Mums – Mother’s Day Edition

Foodie Mums

Does your Mum love kithen gifts? Then you don’t get the most important person in the world just any old mundane, boring or generic present when you can choose from these awesome foodie gifts. Add something special to her kitchen. Every time she uses your kitchen gifts she’ll think of you and smile. Even better, she’ll be inspired to cook you a meal. When you buy kitchen gifts for foodie Mums, everyone wins. 

The Best Foodie & Kitchen Gifts For Mum

1. CupboardStore Under-Shelf Spice Rack | Joseph Joseph

2. Joseph Joseph Spiro 3-in-1 Hand-Held Spiralizer

3. Urban Greens Herb Grow Kits

4. The Lonely Planet Book of World’s Best Street Food

5. Joseph Joseph DrawerStore™ Compact Knife Organiser

6. Premium Pizza Cutter & Serving Board Set

7. Joseph Joseph Roll-Up Non-Slip Silicone Pastry Mat

8. Expandable Cutlery Tray | Joseph Joseph

9. Kitchen Digital Bluetooth Thermometer

10. Urban Greens Microgreens Growing Kit – Pink Kale

11. The Lonely Planet Book of World’s Best Spicy Food

12. Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils Plus Stackable Kitchen Tools

13. Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter | Doiy

14. Farm Animals Pan Lid Lifters 3-Pack

15. YolkFish: Egg Yolk Fish Separator

16. Tiny Prancers Unicorn Drink Markers

17. Set of 4 Donut Drink Coasters

18. Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Beeswax Food Wraps

19. Joseph Joseph Microwave Egg Poacher

20. Chill Bill Penguin Fridge Deodoriser

21. Barbecue Woodchip Smoker Box

22. Lemoniere Citrus Juicer Watering Can

23. Food & Wine Sauces Gift Set

24. Mad Millie Handcrafted Greek Yoghurt Kit

25. Joseph Joseph Slice & Sharpen Non-Slip Chopping Board

Did You Find Any Awesome Kitchen Gifts For Mum?

Whether you fancy a kitchen utensil, a cook book or some fancy food, there’s plenty to choose from. Plenty of kitchen gifts that will excite tastebuds and make Mums kitchen look awesome.  Isn’t that what foodie gifts are all about? If you found some cool kitchen gifts you’re almost set for your mothers day. All you need now is a Mother’s Day card and Mother’s Day messages to go inside it. Although, if you really want to take your kitchen gifts a step further – you should cook her a Mother’s Day dinner, lunch or breakfast. Or cook all three. You know she deserves it!

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