Kookaburra Facts That Are Nothing To laugh At

These kookaburra facts are nothing to laugh at, although it is their laughter that has made them world famous. In fact, the Kookaburras laugh was used in the Tarzan movie as a jungle sound, despite no Kookaburras being present in Africa. Cool, right? Keep reading for more fun kookaburra facts…


1. It’s scientific name is Dacelo Novaeguineae.


2. The ‘laughing kookaburra’ gets its moniker from its call that sounds like laughter. As it often lets out this laugh at dawn, its other nickname is ‘bushman’s clock.’ However, there is a reason they make this sound—they’re marking their territory. 


3. In captivity, a kookaburra lives an average of 20 years. 


4. Kookaburras are carnivores. It will even take a sausage from your barbeque. However, you shouldn’t feed them. 


5. It’s part of the Kingfisher family. Interestingly, Kingfishers are the only species of bird that can hover.


6. It’s beak can reach four inches long. It’s often used to catch invertebrates and small vertebrates, including small snakes.


7. Farmers often don’t like kookaburras, not only because they wake them up in the morning, but because they often prey on their fowl. 


8. It has a reddish-colored tail that is patterned with black bars. Its belly is white like its head, but it has brown wings and back. Its eyes have dark brown stripes. 


9. Kookaburras live in a family. When the female lays its eggs, usually one to five, the family unit of parents and elder siblings help care for the young kookaburras. Even more amazing, the fledgling kookaburras will stay with their parents longer than necessary so they can help care for the subsequent clutch. What a beautiful bird.


10. While Australian law protects kookaburras, thankfully they are not currently an endangered species. 


11. The kookaburra was one of the three mascots chosen for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. 


12. Kookaburras don’t only live in Australia. They also live in New Guinea. 


13. An Australian coin known as the Silver Kookaburra has been minted annually since 1990.


14. “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree” is a famous song that children sing in Australia. It was written in 1932 by Marion Sinclair.


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