30 Killer Halloween Puns For Instagram, Facebook


Halloween puns aren’t the most important thing on Halloween. The most important thing on Halloween is an awesome Halloween picture. Yet once you have your costume sorted, you’re not finished.

The second most important thing for an awesome Halloween picture, is your caption. And what better caption than a hilarious Halloween pun? There isn’t one!

Here are 30 creative Halloween puns to bring your Halloween posts back from the dead…


30 Halloween Puns That Your Friends Will Kill For


1. Halloween Puns


2. #SquadGhouls


3. Straight outta coffin.


4. Putting the ‘boo’ in booty.


5. Resting witch face.


6. Halloween Puns


7. I’m here for the boos.


8. Let’s get this party startled.


9. Hocus pocus and chill?


10. Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.


11. Halloween Puns


12. This is my magic happy potion.


13. Witch better have my candy.


14. If the broom fits, fly it.


15. Trick or tequila.


16. Emrata Halloween Puns Instagram


17. This witch can be bribed with chocolate.


18. I put a spell on you.


19. Boo Felicia.


20. It’s always Halloween inside my head.


21. Not every witch lives in Salem.


22. I don’t celebrate Halloween. I am Halloween.


23. Fangtastic.


24. Chills & Thrills.


25. Bugs and hisses


26. If you’ve got it, haunt it.


27. Basic witch.


28. Me & my ghoulfriends.


29. Too cute to spook.


30.  Lena Dunham Halloween Puns


Find The Perfect Halloween Puns For Your Pics?

You may have your Halloween pun waiting in the wings, but do you have everything else for your Halloween party? Do you have funny gifts? Novelty masks? Props for epic photos? If you’re not 110% ready, you can find everything fun under the sun for Halloween here. Then you’ll be all set to have a scaresom Halloween! 

Btw, if you have kids then we have the perfect halloween idea for you. This list of pranks for kids will help them have an exciting Halloween, and you’ll see there’s more to do than simply trick-and-treat or carve pumpkins!


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Tom Raider

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