10 Things You Missed In ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ (Hint: One involves Trump!)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is more than an action-packed blockbuster. It’s filled with easter-eggs and hidden surprises. But if you blink – you’ll miss them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 Things You Missed in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It has everything from high-heels to Trump.


1. She can run in those heels.

The first Jurassic World film received backlash because Claire was wearing ridiculously high-heels. Or rather, ridiculous heels to be escaping dinosaurs in.
In Fallen Kingdom, she shows off her more appropriate boots/ heels. While a fashionista could still claim they are heels, they’re the sort of heels you can run from a dinosaur in.


2. Shots fired (back) at Trump.

Remember, during Hillary Clinton’s campaign when Trump interrupted a debate to call her a ‘nasty woman’? And she transformed the insult to mean ‘a hard-working woman who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty’?
Well, in the film Ken Wheatley refers to Dr Zia Rodriquez as a ‘nasty woman’, a fitting term for the hard-working character who isn’t scared to get her hands dirty.


3. A shattered dream Of John Hammond.

In the original film, Jurassic Park, do you remember the cane that John Hammond carried? Well, on the top of the cane was a ball of amber with a dead mosquito inside. It represented how they created the dinosaurs – by extracting DNA from mosquitos preserved in amber.
In Fallen Kingdom, Sir Benjamin Lockwood has the cane. But late in the film, the cane and the amber ball shatters. It signifies the death of what Hammond and Lockwood had hoped to accomplish.


4. Fake News! Another jab at Trump…

When the volcano is erupting, everyone is debating whether the dinosaurs should be saved or face extinction. However, on the television screen the news ticker reads: “US President questions the existence of dinosaurs in the first place.”
It’s clearly another well-placed joke making fun of Trump labelling everything as ‘Fake news!’.


5. T-Rex eats goat, again.

As a throwback to Jurassic Park, a goat is fed to a T-Rex again. Keep your eyes peeled – it happens as a dinosaur is brought back to the Lockwood estate.


6. Another throwback – surgery scene.

In The Lost World, Dr Harding performs surgery on a baby T-Rex. In Fallen Kingdom, an eerily similar scene takes place as this time Dr Rodriguez performs surgery on Blue the velociraptor.


7. The Mosasaurus lives.

The Mosasaurus has done more than survive. It escaped the lagoon and is finding tasty treats in the ocean.


8. A nod to the Margarita Man.

In the last Jurassic World film, musician Jimmy Buffett, singer of the song Margaritaville, had a cameo. His scene takes place in one of his Margaritaville restaurants. He was running from the dinosaur invasion – while carrying a margarita in each hand.
In Fallen Kingdom, we see a broken and rusting Margaritaville sign among the rubble. We can only assume the dinosaurs caught up with him in the previous film and he couldn’t make a personal cameo in Fallen Kingdom.


9. Homage to the classic stampede scene.

Perhaps the most memorable scene in the original Jurassic Park is when Dr Alan Grant, Lex Murphy, and Tim Murphy flee from a pack of dinosaurs.
In Fallen Kingdom, there’s a similar scene where Claire, Owen and Franklin are running for their life. But they’re not escaping dinosaurs, they’re escaping a volcano.


10. The original Jurassic Park makes a ‘small’ appearance.

In Lockwood’s bedroom is a model of the original Jurassic Park. Look for it on a desk to the side of the room.


What is your favourite easter-egg? Did you see something we missed? Share it with the fans below…