It’s Time To Grow Up! Or Is It?

My Wife always tells me I need to grow up and being in my 30’s with children I sometimes think I should. The question is do we really have to grow up? It’s inevitable that we’re gonna get old but I believe growing up is optional.
Once hitting a certain age we seem to lose the sense of fun and increased seriousness all of a sudden with mortgage payments, kids, money, bills etc. Life is about having fun, enjoying times with family and living out childish dreams but also having a balance. 
The excitement I get when I walk into work seeing all the gadgets and toys only a child would dream of, gives me a sense of nostalgia from my childhood. My desk is literally filled with gadgets. A latest survey recently conducted by Big W found 68% of Aussie parents admit to playing with their kid’s toys when the kids have gone to bed!
I can admit that yes I am one of those parents acting out scenes from Rambo shooting my family with NERF guns. So why grow up when you can have fun and laughter! They say on the onset of adulthood causes a gradual change characterised by increased seriousness and a diminished engagement in laughter. It’s a known fact that laughter is the best medicine and having fun things around you such as gadgets and toys surely can make a world a better place.
So lets just grow old and have fun!

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