20 Interrupting Cats Images – 5 Minutes of Joy

The best photos of cats interrupting their owners

Cats love interrupting us, especially when we’re busy. When we want to give them attention, they’re nowhere to be soon. But when we’re doing our homework, reading a book, or watching a movie—our cats love to come and distract us. It’s in their nature. These sneaky cat owners managed to capture amazing photos of their interrupting cats. Their interruptions have become our entertainment. Enjoy. 

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20 hilarious images of interrupting cats

1. Look at me

2. Peek-a-boo

3. Helping hand

4. Is it my turn?

5. Legendary

6. Bedtime story

7. Paw print

8. Knackered

9. Study buddy

10. Page turner

11. Hobbit

12. Tickles

13. I spy with my little eye

14. IT consultant

15. Don’t mind me

16. Mouse hunter

17. Learning Japanese

18. Story time

19. Home schooling

20. Many hands make light work

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