How to Make Your Poop Not Stink with Poo Pourri



Does your poop smell extra stinky sometimes? Yes, poop smells worse after eating fatty foods or after drinking far too much alcohol, but we hate to break it to you, poop smells all the time!
Don’t clamp up and make plans for an underground bomb-shelter-bathroom just yet, we’ve found the one and only way to eradicate bad smelling poop forever…

Munching on kale or drinking copious amounts of water may make your movements a little easier, but no food or drink is going to combat the sulfuric smell of human waste.

You need to spritz those bad odors away with Poo Pourri. Before you start shoving musk-scented flowers down the toilet, take a moment to read this idiot-proof infographic on how Poo Pourri really works. Like…really, it works!

Poo Pourri is a simple, natural solution for combating bad odors. Simply spritz the water in the bowl before you go, do your business, then flush! No one will ever know.

Carry the smaller travel size Poo Pourri with you and you will never again feel ashamed to do your business at a get-together or your date’s house.

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