How To Make My Girlfriend Happy


Have you asked her if she’s happy? She probably said,”Yes, I am.” But there was no smile on her face. Hmmm….

What could make a girlfriend happy? What could make her smile? Tough! But don’t give up! I know there are some things out there which will make her happy.

Perhaps some of these would.

Mini Shopping Trolley – Desktop Stationary Holder $15.95


She reminds you of trips to the grocery and supermarket together. Well, let her have a reminder of those moments with this trolley. It can keep her desk tidy as she puts in some of her items on it.


What I Love About You by Me | Fillin the Blanks Journal $16.95


She’d blush whenever she reads this. It’s a wonderful way of letting her know what you love about her.

Genuine LP Album Record Coasters |Set of 4 $24.95


She’s a fan of classics. Okay, like 50s and 60s records. She may not be able to listen to the tunes but they’ll surely be perfect for her classically designed dining room.

Magic Tray Bedside Night Lamp $29.95


This is something really simple yet clearly useful. Just touch the side and it’ll light up the room really well. It’s perfect for time alone with her at night.

Sauce Dispenser Gun $17.90


Dispense sauces with this gun. It’s handy and easy to use. It’d put sauce on her plates or saucers in a jiffy.

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