How To Entertain My 7 Year Old?

Entertaining 7 year olds is quite a challenging task. They always want something fun to do and they can easily get bored. So, we have found some amusement for them. So, come on, read on and find out more.

Jumbo Bubble Blaster With Flashing LEDLights $12.95


This bubble maker will surely delight your young ones as bubbles fill the room. Kids of all ages love bubbles. They like the idea of making them pop once they come out of the bubble maker.

Create Your Own Mug Design $15.45


Let your 7 year old create his personal designs on this mug. He can draw and color his designs using 6 magic crayons. Together you will be able to create creative designs for his mug.

Pac-Man Cookie Cutters | by Suck UK $19.95


Bake cookies and cut them with these cookie cutters. These cutters include ghosts and pac-man shapes. Share your fascination for the game with your kids and they’ll surely have fun making those cookies.

4M Kidz Labs – 12 Tricks Magic Kit $23.95


Play magic tricks on your kid. He’d surely be so curious about how those tricks are done and may ask you to teach him how to do them on his own.

Cubebot Small | Wooden Robot Puzzle $24.50


Let him build his own robot with this cubebot. This Japanese inspired wooden robot puzzle can create different poses and he can be easily folded into a cube when he needs to rest.


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Olli the Octopus

Olli the Octopus

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